Ariana Grande's "Focus" Lyrics Suggest The Singer Is Fed Up With Media Scrutiny — LISTEN

Get excited, Arianators: On Tuesday, Ariana Grande previewed her new single, "Focus." Based on the brief six-second clip, the track totally sounds like "Problem 2.0" (only with 100-percent less Iggy Azalea). Even though the 22-year-old singer announced "Focus" in the middle of September, it doesn't premiere until Oct. 30, which means we still have 24 more agonizing days of waiting ahead of us. Talk about taking a page from the book of Justin Bieber! (Bieber's latest single, "What Do You Mean?," was also announced super-duper early. The strategy frustrated his fans, but it gave the Biebs ample time to build hype, which no doubt helped the tune debut at No. 1. Perhaps Grande, who doesn't have a No. 1 single yet, is hoping she'll have similar luck.) To her credit, Grande has been trying to make the wait for "Focus" as painless as possible by doing things like revealing song lyrics on Twitter. So, what are Ariana Grande's "Focus" lyrics about?

Believe it or not, based on what Grande has shared thus far, the "Focus" lyrics don't appear to have anything to do with love (unlike the lyrics to the majority of her past singles). No, instead, "Focus" seems to be a kiss off to Grande's haters. Check out the snippet and first batch of lyrics below.

I know what I came to do

And that ain't gonna change

So go ahead and talk ya talk

'Cause I won't take the bait!

Let's find a light inside our

Universe now

Where ain't nobody keep on

Holdin' us down

Focus on me

Whether she's catching flack for DonutGate or being criticized for her supposedly rude, diva-like behavior, Grande wants people to know that they can flap their jaws all they like, 'cause she's not listening. She's just going to stick her fingers in her ears, hold her head up high, and focus on being the best Ariana Grande she can possibly be. Sounds reasonable. Here's the second batch of lyrics:

Just come and get it

Let them say what they say

'Cause I'm about to put them all away

Focus on me

Ain't no need to

Hold it back, go 'head

And talk ya sh**...

I know you're hopin' that

I'll react... I know you're

Hopin' I'm looking back...

But if my real ain't real

Enough... Then I don't know what is...

In this batch, Grande once again encourages her critics to let the vitriol fly, because she knows their words can't hurt her. Did you hear that, THE MEDIA? Grande doesn't give a single care about what you have to say! (But... she kind of does, though, right? If she didn't, she wouldn't have gone on that long, drawn-out DonutGate apology tour this summer. I guess we're just pretending that didn't happen. Or, maybe she just recently adopted this whole "talk ya talk, I don't curr" approach to life. Who knows!) It'll certainly be interesting to see how media outlets that have been critical of Grande recently will respond to "Focus" when it drops at the end of the month.

Only 24 more days to go, Arianators! Stay strong.