Follow These People On Snapchat Now

Snapchat is everyone's go-to tool for sending ridiculous pictures and videos to their friends. It's quickly rising as one of the most popular social media platforms out there, and is becoming increasingly used among a younger demographic. But if you think the only people you should follow on Snapchat are your inner circle and maybe that guy from your Biology class, you're definitely missing out.

As Snapchat becomes more popular, the app is finding new ways of expanding and incorporating different brands, themes, and cities into content available for all users. The recently added “Discover” feature allows you to explore all over the world with just the tap of your finger — giving you access to tons of users who are making hilarious, beautiful, and interesting stories for your enjoyment.

Adding someone as a friend on Snapchat is easy. First, go the "Stories" screen. At the top of the page, type a username into the “Search” bar (you may need to scroll up to activate it), then click on the “Plus” icon to the right of the username to add. Voila! You have just added your fav user on Snapchat.

From famous folk to social media mavens, here are 10 people you definitely need to be following ASAP:

1. Julz Goddard, @YesJulz

The self-proclaimed "Director of Vibes," Julz Goddard is all-around Miami cool girl. She's a social media mogul who you will genuinely want to be your best friend/raid her closet/party all night with.

2. Brittany Furlan, @BrittanyJFurlan

Brittany Furlan is an LA-based comedian and the most-followed female Vine star. Her Snapchat is equally amazing, with a more candid look into her everyday life. Bonus? The incredibly cute blonde dachshund named Neena who makes constant appearances.

3. Michael Platco, @mplatco

You may have seen Platco's beautiful Snapchat creations elsewhere on the Internet without knowing it was his work. He's been dubbed the "Van Gogh of Snapchat" and reportedly earns $60,000 for his virtual doodles.

4. Rumi Neely, @RumiNeely

This gorgeous fashion blogger will make you want to abandon your life and move to LA so you can drink 50 iced lattes a day and wiggle your toes in the Venice Beach sand.

5. NPR, @NPRNews

Following NPR on Snapchat is a great way to get your quick and dirty intellectual fix. Their feed is a mix of all kinds of things, from news updates to little vignettes. In the pic above, the hosts of All Things Considered explore Toledo, Ohio. Kind of weird to see what everyone looks like, right?

6. Ashley Anastasia, @AnastasiaAshley

This ultra-cool surfer girl is always traveling, catching waves everywhere from California to Thailand. Follow her for some travel inspo and hilarious airport stories (the other day she was jamming out at the JFK Brookstone).

7. Thom White, @moochiemane

White is best known as the man who recreated Disney Princesses using Snapchat. He's also an incredible dancer and choreographer whose Snap stories are full of behind the scenes dancing goodness.

8. Christine Mi, @miologie

This Yale student just also happens to be one serious Snap-artist. She's Snapped portraits of herself as everyone from Frida Kahlo to Gandalf. Definitely worth a follow.

9. Molly Mitchell, @biggie_molls

You probably know her as the creator of the hilarious "Me & My Boifriend" series of Snaps that were all over the internet. Good news is that Molly Mitchell is as hilarious as ever and her updates are always guaranteed to make you laugh.

10. Hannah Bronfman, @hannahbgoode

Though Snapchat is mostly about laying in bed and giggling at funny pictures, this account will make you want to hop out of bed and do a push-up. Hannah Bronfman is an all-around health, beauty, and fitness expert whose Snaps will definitely give you a boost.

Image: pestoverde/Flickr; Kate Fustich/Bustle (9); rumineely/Instagram