Selena Gomez's "Me & My Girls" Is A Feminst Anthem

I'm pausing my repeated listenings of Selena Gomez's new album Revival to write this, so I need everyone to pay really close attention so I can get back to that as soon as possible — we're all aware that Gomez's song "Me & My Girls" is a feminist anthem, right? It might not be something you were expecting from the artist behind the lyric "If you want it come and get it," but Gomez's bestie Taylor "Squad Goals" Swift seems to have rubbed off on her a little, because "Me & My Girls" is fairly bursting with girl power and female empowerment.

It's about a group of women who go to the club, and are there purely to hang out with each other and dance, so don't get any ideas, OK? It's about embracing the idea that just because women are dressed a certain way and dancing a certain way doesn't constitute an invitation to a guy to come over and insert himself into that dynamic. Bottom line? We aren't dancing like this for you, we're dancing like this for ourselves. But thanks so much for noticing.

I know I'm making you thirstyYou want us all in the worst wayBut you don't understandI don't need a man

Yes, girl! Sing it! And it doesn't hurt that the song itself has a very danceable beat, so you can listen to a song about you and your ladies dancing at a club... while you and your ladies are dancing with a club. And in case any dude is thinking that you're the kind of girl who just needs a little convincing to ditch out on her friends and leave with you , you've got another think coming. Justin Bieber, I am speaking directly to you.

I'm going home with who I came withAnd who I came with's not you

Wooooo! Preach! And the beat on that section is so catchy — you just have to listen to it yourself.

Great, right? You've come a long way from lines like "I just wanna look good for you," Selena, and I couldn't be happier that you're finding yourself in a world where you just wanna look good for you. (And your girl gang, of course.) Standing ovation.