Watch The History Of Mexican-American Beauty

by Jessica Thomas

We've all seen those videos circling around the web in the now famous "100 Years of Beauty" series. Our friends at Buzzfeed have borrowed the idea and run with it, and the result is kind of amazing. Buzzfeed released "6 Iconic Mexican-American Beauty Looks Throughout History," and you're going to want to see it.

The Buzzfeed Style section, also known as Top Knot, posted the video on Facebook on Monday, which featured six classic beauty looks from the Mexican-American community. The idea for this video seems to have been derived from The Cut's "100 Years of Beauty" series. Those videos are amazing, and include beauty looks from the Philippines, Iran, Germany and Mexico, among others.

While it's great to recognize Mexican culture, as The Cut did, Buzzfeed Style went beyond and created a video for an entirely different cultural group. The U.S. Mexican-American population is large and growing, and the community has cultures and traditions that are unique to its history.

The video represents six looks from that history, and does it in a fun and educational way. The model is clearly having a great time, and I loved how she used facial expressions and hand gestures to emulate the characters she was recreating.

I mean, how cute is this "Boulevard Queen" look from the 1950s? Her pin curls are to die for, and I love the polka dot dress.

I also love how this video shows the transformation between looks. It's so fun to see makeup artists doing their work on-screen.

The transformed product of that look is this "Como La Flor" look from the 1990s. The name of the look plays homage to Selena, the American singer who had Mexican ancestry.

Finally, I love the personality the model in this video showed during the 1980s-style "Chola Loca" clip. She's clearly having a ton of fun with this video, and that makes it all the more engaging.

Check out the other three looks (and adorable in-between segments) in the full video below.

I love how this video in particular embraced important aspects of Mexican-American history and culture. In fact, it makes me want to do more research on the meaning behind all the names of the styles. This video serves as proof that beauty can be fun and educational.

Image: Buzzfeed/Facebook