22 Fair Trade Clothes You Need To Survive Fall

by Hayli Goode

Growing up, one of my favorite things about the changing of seasons was the major shopping trips my mom, sister, and I took to make sure we had the correct clothes for the colder temperatures. But before you embark on your own seasonal fall shopping trip, consider these fair trade clothes that will help you survive both the blustery and chilly conditions. Don't worry — I've got you covered, from underwear to fair trade jeans!

Unfortunately, when I was at the age where my mother was still paying for my clothes (man, I miss those days) I was not aware of fair trade, or the problem of social injustice and unfair wages in the world. Each of the clothes featured in this list are guaranteed fair trade certified. What does that mean? From the picking and sorting of the fiber to the stitching of the last hem, every worker who worked on each of these pieces was paid and treated fairly for his or her work.

While these clothes may be more expensive than what you were originally eyeing at the mall, consider these options that help others live a fairer life. Oh, and if you're looking to incorporate fair trade into your beauty routine, too, look no further than these must-have beauty products you didn't know you were missing!

Here are 22 fair trade pieces you need for your fall wardrobe.

1. Rustic Brown Pullup Boots

Besides boots, I feel like I never have shoes to wear in the fall or winter. These shoes are not only fair trade certified and made from an organization that supports "workers' rights in sub-Saharan Africa," but they're also short enough to wear with skinny jeans, but tall enough to hide your warm socks. I don't know if I'm properly expressing how excited this is actually making me!

Rustic Brown Pullup, $125, Oliberte

2. Aurora Headband

I've recently become obsessed with headbands again (the last time was when I was in elementary school, I thin). Thank goodness what goes around comes back around, especially in style trends. Not only will this look great holding my short hair back while I put on makeup, but it's also perfect for those days when I don't feel like fixing my hair due to the imminent fall wind storms of the Midwest.

Aurora Headband, $14, Prana

3. Margo Sweater

'Tis the season for oversized, neutral toned sweaters! It really is the best time of year. This sweater is not only 100 percent comfortable, it's 100 percent organic cotton and fair trade certified. A win-win!

Margo Sweater, $89, Prana

4. Indego African Saffron Scarf

Quoting Tynnyfer from Parks and Rec, scarves are a "must, must, must" for the fall season. This particular scarf was made from Helpsy, in collaboration with designer Linda Trau. All profits fund an educational training program for the women who make this product.

Indego Africa Saffron Wool Triple Loop Scarf, $60, Helpsy

5. Ahnya Wrap

Forget the basic hoodie you wear every year and upgrade to the sweater wrap. It's perfect for when the office gets cold or for a chilly morning hike.

Women's Ahnya Wrap, $79, Patagonia

6. Patagonia Boyfriend Jeans

If you don't have boyfriend jeans this season, is it even fall? They are the perfect jean to wear to the office when you can't stand to wear pants anymore, but have to. Even better, this particular pair of boyfriend jeans is made from organic cotton/COOLMAX fabric. According to Patagonia, all of the money goes into an account that is controlled by their workers, specifically designed for developmental projects. Workers choose how they spend their money, giving them total power. That is a big accomplishment because it allows the workers to feel empowered.

Women's Boyfriend Crops, $99, Patagonia

7. Fortress Of Inca Shoes

I'm in love with these adorable shoes from Helpsy. While it needs to be warm enough to allow a little bit of your foot to show, it's definitely worth sucking it up for a few cute Instagrams at an apple orchard. Though, you could definitely wear them with tights if you want!

Fortress of Inca - Handmade Paloma Flat in Camel and Navy, $215, Helpsy

8. Little Bunny Ears

Less than two years ago, Lauren Conrad warned her friends that she would be making them the cutest, hand-knitted hats to wear in the colder months. What have we learned? Listen to LC. She's always right.

Bear Beanie, $40, The Little Market

9. Stripe Scarf

While this scarf may not keep you as warm as a hand knitted item, it's the perfect last touch to take your outfit from #ootd to #basic (in a good way!). The organization who made this scarf is a member of the Fair Trade Federation. The scarf is spun, woven, and hand-dyed.

Stripe Scarf - Gray, $60, The Little Market

10. Alpaca Knit Beanie

Though it may not have bunny ears, it's the perfect hat for the days you have to be outside during the day. It's handwoven from sustainable alpaca wool by artisans in Bolivia.

Alpaca Knit Beanie, $40, The Little Market

11. Alpine Collar

31Bits is an accessory company that is not necessarily Fair Trade because they use recycled paper, which at one point was not necessarily certified, to create their jewelry. Yes, this necklace was made from recycled paper. It's amazing and is a sophisticated spin on a perfect fall choker.

Alpine Collar, $78, 31 Bits

12. The Inspirer Bracelet

This bracelet, called "The Inspirer" is the perfect accessory for when you're already wearing a scarf but your outfit still needs a little "something." The company provided a description for those who wear this bracelet as a woman who's "life is defined by passion, courage and confidence..." And the black beads you see? Made from recycled paper.

The Inspirer, $28, 31 Bits

13. Powerstretch Jeans

Black jeans are a staple for any and every season, but look particularly great with oversized sweaters. These powerstretch jeans are not only comfortable, thanks to the leeway of the fabric, but also claims to have "confidence boosting ability." I'm about that.

Womens Mid-Rise Skinny Jeans in Black Powerstretch, $85, DTSLD Jeans

14. Ripped Skinny Jeans

Confession: These are the first fair trade ripped skinny jeans I've ever laid eyes on — and I must own them. Not only do they look to be better quality than the ripped jeans currently hanging in my closet, but are also high-waisted. Literally everything you could ever want in a fall jean.

Ripped High Waisted Skinny Jeans, $95, DTSLD Jeans

15. Women's Boyfriend Cotton Tee

Because fall is all about layering, this simple, plain tee is perfect to have on hand when you need to throw a scarf over a shirt or an oversized plaid flannel for a day spent outside with coffee.

Womens Boyfriend Cotton Modern Crew Neck Tee in Smoke, $20, DTSLD Jeans

16. Checked Scarf

This simple red, white, and blue checked scarf is a classic and will most likely go with every fall outfit you can assemble. It's actually flannel for extra warmth. Plus, it's a really great price for a fair trade piece!

Checked Scarves, $15, Good and Fair

17. Classic Hoodie

I firmly believe everyone needs a good jacket to have on hand. Whether you're wearing it around your apartment or in public for additional warmth, the convenience of not having to worry about messing up your hairstyle to stay warm is needed in the fall.

Women's Fair Trade Organic Cotton Full Zip Plum Hoodie, $40, Wear Pact

18. Black Cotton Leggings

No matter what side of the "real pants or not pants" debate you stand on with leggings, I would recommend you have a pair on hand, simply for comfort and Netflix. Besides their assumed comfort, you can relax even more comfortably in these knowing everyone who worked to make the piece was paid and treated fairly.

Women's Everyday Black Cotton Leggings, $30, Wear Pact

19. Printed Wool Socks

With fair trade wool socks as wonderfully printed as these, I dare you to show them a little bit above the rim of your boot.

Women's Heather Gray Harvest Crew Sock, $8, Wear Pact

20. Backpack

When I was in high school, I always decided around fall that I wanted to change my backpack. I was tired of Jansport and wanted something more chic, and this fair trade leather bag would have been perfect.

Dobra Red Fire Pullup, $180, Oliberte

21. Running Leggings

I love running in the fall. Despite how the crisp air affects my lungs, it feels immensely better than running in the hot, hot heat. These adorable fair trade leggings will keep you warm, yet breathe throughout the entire trail.

Women's Festival Floral Granite Long Leggings, $34, Wear Pact

22. The Fair Trade Thong

We all know you're going to need this.

Women's Nude Everyday Thong Two Pack, $20, Wear Pact

Images: Respective Brands