What Your Favorite Pair Of Shoes Says About You

by Melodi Erdogan

Like most fashion and beauty items, the shoes you wear for can say a lot about who you are as a human. Not only does your footwear of choice arguably hint at your daily mood, but it's a sartorial symbol often wrapped in clues about your hobbies and interests. Shoes are, after all, armor with which we can protect our feet as well as the foundation needed for taking on whatever the day may throw our way (whether it's a torrential downpour or four flights of stairs).

Personally, I only buy shoes that I absolutely fall in love with. A pair of shoes must accurately capture my essence, my being, my aura, etc. They're just such a personal item. Every individual has a preference for design, comfort, appearance, and structure, of course — things that are crucial to feeling happy and confident in your ensemble. Despite those unique preferences, though, shoes are one of the few items we all wear.

So, whether your favorite kicks are comfortable, chic platforms that transition perfectly from work to play, or a pair of suede flats because you can't be bothered with any kind of heel, here's what your favorite type of shoe says about you.

1. Booties

Stacked Heel Chelsea Boot, $35, Forever 21

If there's one way to describe you, it's laid back. You go with the flow and see where life takes you. Whether it's to a music festival in the middle of nowhere or to Europe with a one-way ticket, your easy breezy personality sees you on eye-opening adventures constantly. With booties on your feet, you're ready to take on whatever life may throw at you next.

2. Stiletto

Privileged Raver Iridescent Pump, $60, DSW

You would consider yourself a serious person, but you're still a major goofball at heart. Every time you have had an intellectual conversation with a complete stranger at a bar, you send your friends hundreds of silly face selfies on Snapchat throughout the night. Your work life is very professional, but once you have your favorite pair of stilettos on, you go straight to having fun. You like a balanced existence, and your sky high heels keep you focused on maintaining said balance.

3. Flat Sandal

Fool All Two Part Leather Sandals, $23, Asos

If you often reach for flat sandals, you're probably all about being active and staying on your feet. Even though you have an office job, you much prefer speaking to your coworkers in person rather than shooting them an email or calling them from your desk. You're a true extrovert and get your energy from others. You're also almost always the one your friends go to when they need someone to talk to.

4. Lace-Up Flat

Lace Up Pointed Ballerina Flats, $36, Miss Guided

You stay current, and your love of fashion and style has you falling for trendy things. However, you're a creative person who actually analyzes the design process of those latest trends. Sometimes you even DIY a few things yourself, because that's how good you are with your hands. Your friends, of course, always ask you where you got your clothes when you made them yourself.

5. Thigh-High Boots

Lachlan Over The Knee Boot, $248, Free People

Some of your celebrity idols are Jennifer Lopez and Beyoncé. Thigh-high boots ooze alluring qualities and a sexy silhouette, and you love that you can't wear them to work or even out for coffee without feeling like Queen Bey herself. You love a strong martini, but you like black coffee just as much.

6. Kitten Heel

Dulci Suede Kitten Heels, $188, J.Crew

You're a true old soul. Your friends ask you to go out, but you would much rather stay in and watch a '50s movie. You have no idea what Twitter is, and still don't understand the concept of hashtags. You would describe your personal style as a sailor girl from the '40s, and you love polka dots and cats. A kitten heel gives you just enough lift and personality to take on the day, so it's always been a staple in your wardrobe.

7. Platform

Steve Madden Jillyy Platform Sandal, $100, Nordstrom

You're a total girly girl. As much as you hate to admit it, you love anything pink, anything with a pom pom, and anything that reminds you of your favorite Lisa Frank sticker books from elementary school. Platforms give you the stability and focus you need to get through the day, and not become too distracted by puppy videos on YouTube. Or, you know, online shopping for another pair of platforms.

8. High-Top Sneaker

Converse Chuck Taylor High Top, $30, Pacsun

You love a good classic. From Audrey Hepburn's Breakfast At Tiffany's to a quilted Chanel bag, you're all about the sophistication and chic feel of traditional items. When it comes to sneakers, there's nothing more classic than a high top. You pair your high tops with anything from jeans and a T-shirt to a formal cocktail dress. These kicks are basically a part of your DNA.

9. Flats

Bloch Ballet Flat, $89, Urban Outfitters

Every morning, you choose your outfit based on what will be the most comfortable. Although you adore heels, you just can't walk in them. So, you reach for flats instead. Flats better capture that happy-go-lucky, outgoing personality that has you laughing at yourself until you cry, and climbing furniture to capture the perfect video for a Vine.

10. Sporty Trainers

Nike Roshe One, $75, Nike

You're always on the go. Your schedule is jam packed with activities on top of work and chores, and that's just the way you like it. Your friends think you're crazy for never taking a break, and they all wonder how you survive a day. You thrive off being busy, though, and the only time you really break is to sleep.

11. Crocs

Crocs Classic, $35, Crocs

If there's one thing you love, it's an adventure. You like no muss, no fuss footwear so you can slip off your kicks and enjoy the feeling of grass, mulch, and dirt beneath your toes. You can often be found climbing trees and searching for a four-leaf clover, and you're all about embracing mother nature and enjoying her every chance you get.

12. Heeled Sandal

Fringly, $130, Steve Madden

You are essentially Samantha from Sex And The City. You're headstrong and hard working, passionate and determined, and nothing and no one can get in the way of you achieving your goals. Not even the 20 pairs of deadly stiletto sandals you wear almost every day that no one else could tolerate but you. You remain confident and poised in everything that you do, and you love seeing a little glam when you look down at your feet.

13. Slippers

PYL W Moccasin Slippers, $20, Target

You're a creature of comfort, and that obviously trickles down into your choice of footwear. While you understand that it's socially unacceptable to wear slippers outside of the house, you just wish the world was different. Once you slip your toes into those soft, furry, cloud-like slippers, you're in heaven. Your idea of an exciting Friday night is curling up with a good book and a warm cup of tea. When you're feeling adventurous, though, you splurge on a ticket to see a foreign film.

Next time you put on your trusty footwear, just remember that those kicks tell the world more than you might think.

Images: Pixabay; Courtesy Brands