17 Fall Fashion Looks From Rainbow Haired Babes

by Alysse Dalessandro

If there's one beauty trend that I really adore, it's pastel and rainbow colored hair. When it's bikini season and you're itching to get to the beach, having seafoam green strands can be the ideal accessory to perfect a flawless mermaid look. Now the end of summer has come and gone, but you don't have to drop the dye just because the temperature has started to dip.

While it can be difficult to maintain bold hair dye, many babes make a year-round commitment to sporting rainbow locks. Much like so many other so-called fashion and beauty rules that need to be eradicated from our memories, there's no reason why bright hair has to end with the coming of autumn. Why not mix traditionally muted fall earth tones with bold colored tresses?

Although the most daring I ever got with my mane was some blonde highlights in high school (when I thought I was Carrie Bradshaw), I am so inspired by babes who commit to making their hair a work of rainbow, Lisa-Frank-would-be-proud art. Whether it's rocking plaid with pink braids or matching a faux fur jacket to rainbow colored mermaid waves, fall fashion can totally be owned with bold colored hair. Here are 17 babes who make it look easy, plus where to follow them.

1. @iamlazykat

This pastel blue braid is such a perfect complement to the white and black polka dot blouse. Blogger Lazy Kat knows just how to pair her pastel hair with a range of patterns for a chic fashion-forward look.

2. @nicolettemason

Nicolette Mason is one blogger whose Instagram is at museum-level curation, so when she posted this picture in a fuzzy teddy bear style coat alongside her pink ombre hair, I was blown away by the look.

3. @magavilhas

Although it's technically springtime in her country of Brazil, blogger and fashion publicist Magá Moura is still teaching us up here in the States an important fashion lesson: If you have to wear a sweater, match it to your candy-colored hair.

4. @danielle.bex

This look from plus size fashion blogger Danielle Bex has all the mixings of a fall favorite, from perfect wide calf boots and leggings to the color-block dress and aqua colored hair.

5. @sophiehannahrichardson

I'm really into co-ords in general, but blogger Sophie Hannah Richardson shows how this simple gray look really just needs some green hair and the coolest backpack I've ever seen.

6. @hantisedeloubli

Plus size fashion blogger newbie Stacey of Hantise de l'oubli has already made a name for herself as an impressive force in alternative plus size fashion. This blue haired babe knows how to sport a black PVC skirt for fall.

7. @katehannah

Who says you can't match a rainbow fur coat to your rainbow colored hair and complete the look with a bright pink Barbie jumpsuit? Kate Hannah is giving me rainbow fashion overload and I love it for every season.

8. @tasselfairy

Although I'm not sure how cold it really gets in Los Angeles where the tassel fairy herself resides, I love this long sleeve maxi dress as a fall look on designer Amina Mucciolo.

9. @elinpapi4Baby

Beauty and fashion vlogger Elinpapi4Baby did a fall fashion haul and paired all the looks with her green hair and a wine colored matte lip.

10. @dirtycelebnyc

This look on fashion/accessories designer Eva Diva reminds me of something that Janelle Monae might wear if she was plus size and had pink hair.

11. @amythemermaidx

Pastel rainbow haired babe Amy The Mermaid is making a '90s inspired look complete with a high slit and marabou neckline.

12. @raychillster

This look has so many fall elements that I love: Plaid, denim, an oversized sweatshirt, and green hair.

13. @isabel_hendrix

Plus size model and blogger Isabel Hendrix is known for breaking all the fashion rules, and I love how the navy velvet looks alongside her purple locks.

14. @macy_daisy

Macy Daisy is a designer whose bold aesthetic is really perfect for some Halloween kitsch. The fact that she chose to sport an already OTT Halloween look with pink hair is so impressive to me.

15. @ashley_nell_tipton

Designer Ashley Nell Tipton is currently stealing hearts as a favorite on Project Runway and I am also feeling the love for this fall look, complete with a leather jacket and cheetah print skirt.

16. @oloriswank

Give me a duster for fall or give me death. This look features a really neutral muted color palette but paired with stylist Olori Swank's pastel locks, it's a really bold ensemble.

17. @darlingiknow

I am in love with this shade of purple on plus size fashion and beauty vlogger Cailey Darling. Combined with this flowy pink blouse, it makes for an unexpected fall favorite.

Anyone who says pastel and rainbows are for summer needs to reevaluate their priorities.

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Images: Isabel Hendrix for Alacloth/Image by Eric Sorensen