20 Food Halloween Costume Ideas For People Who Would Rather Eat Than Hang Out With You

Halloween may be all about candy, but these food Halloween costume ideas prove there's room to play around with a few other flavors as well. Over the years, I've learned what it's like to be real foodie. Some of the symptoms include celebrating each and every food-related holiday, turning into a heart eyes emoji when you make breakfast, and dreaming about new recipes. You probably have a tendency to make the craziest mouth-watering concoctions, and you'd rather make love to a sandwich over a person. If this sounds like you, you may very well be a foodie.

Food is what keeps us moving and grooving, after all. And with so many different types of food out there, how can you not be obsessed with it? Thankfully, Halloween is right around the corner. It's the perfect excuse to show off your obsession, and dress up as your favorite fruit, beverage, or meal. We obviously can't forget about the candy and sweet treats.

In full foodie fashion, I scoured the web for costume ideas so you didn't have to. The rad thing about these outfits is that many of these can be done at the last minute with everyday supplies. A majority of these are extremely budget-friendly, too. Remember, the thrift store is your friend, and you don't have to be Martha Stewart. Do it for the food, guys.

1. Pineapple

It's impossible to not party it up in an outfit like this. To turn into this beloved tropical fruit, wear a yellow shirt and shorts. A yellow dress or romper works just as great. Glue faux leaves to a headband, and you've got yourself a costume.

I'm especially loving @MelannieMillan's fanny pack idea. Just print out the logo, and glue it right on.

2. Sushi

When it comes to sushi, you're either a lover or a hater. If you're the latter, feel free to skip to No. 3 on this list. You'll just have to deal with the fact that you're about to miss a ridiculously clever costume.

The best part is that it's super easy and extremely affordable. You'll need an all-white ensemble, an orange pillow, and a strip of green ribbon. Tie the pillow around your waist, and you're golden.

3. Spaghetti

Everyone will be 10 times nicer to you if you wear a spaghetti costume. Seriously... it's a fact.

I'm thinking it's because this look is so darn charming. To turn yourself into a plate of delicious pasta, hot glue tons of yellow yarn to a shirt. Add a heavy helping of pom-poms or painted Styrofoam balls to pose as meatballs. Bon appétit, my friends.

4. Grapes

For an easy last-minute costume, hot glue purple balloons to purple clothing. Next, wear a green beanie. And just like that, you've turned into a bunch of grapes.

Consider making wine your drink of choice on Halloween night. But maybe that's just my irony-loving sarcasm speaking.

5. Oreo Cookie

Regardless of your preferred way of eating an Oreo, you can't deny how adorable this is. Take a tip from this creative couple, and wear a large brown circle with an all-white ensemble. Transform the circle into an Oreo by drawing the simple pattern found on each cookie.

To wear your creation, hot glue a strand of rope, and wear it around your neck. You can also carry it around like a shield to protect you from those scary demons.

This idea can easily be adapted for us single kids, too. Simply wear both cookies, and you're good to go.

6. Starbucks Frappuccino

A foodie costume list wouldn't be complete without a cup of joe. Am I right, or am I right?

That's why I couldn't let Halloween come and go without creating this Starbucks Frappe costume tutorial. I'm not sure what I love more: the straw headband, or the whipped cream boa. Together, you have the absolute perfect ensemble.

To transform yourself into a fabulous frappe, check out this tutorial I made just for Bustlers.

7. Beer

Turn yourself into a can of beer with a simple logo. You can either print it out on regular paper, or use the fancy shmancy iron-on kind.

To really get the point across, wear a shirt or dress in the same color as the beer can. Extra points for drinking that beer all night.

8. Jelly Belly Jelly Beans

Thanks to the gourmet flavors of Jelly Belly Jelly Beans, this particular brand is like candy for grown-ups. French vanilla? Strawberry daiquiri? Adult talk, obviously.

That's why this jelly bean costume is spot-on. Easy and budget-friendly are understatements. Blow up some colorful balloons, stuff them in a clear plastic garbage bag, and cut a hole big enough for your head. Wear it around your neck, and stick on a "Jelly Belly" logo. Love.

9. Campbell's Tomato Soup

In case you wanted to turn into the iconic can of Campbell's Tomato Soup, I got your back. Simply dress yourself up in some Campbell's gear (from here or here), and hot glue an (empty) can to a headband. Now, go make some grilled cheese.

10. Peppermint Princess

Known for her outrageously playful outfits, Katy Perry is high up on the list of DIY costume inspiration. Fortunately, you don't have to be a mega pop star in order to pull off her look on Halloween. At the grocery store on a Sunday afternoon? That might be a different story.

To set the tone for the winter holidays, turn yourself into a peppermint muse with a red and white pinwheel circles. You can easily print these out, or paint them on white circles. Add two pieces of cellophane to each circle to recreate that candy-wrapped vibe.

11. Mac N' Cheese

This costume is overflowing with equal parts brilliance and macaroni. To make your own version, paint empty toilet paper tubes a golden yellow hue. You can also take empty paper towel tubes, and cut them in half. It may take a bit to collect them, but it'll be so worth it. Try asking your friends and family members to save them, too!

Once your macaroni is good to go, hot glue them to a headband and your shirt. Wrap blue card stock around yourself and say cheese.

12. Carrot

I adore this girl's creativity for making a not-so-glamorous vegetable into the most fab thing ever. To make a similar costume, start with a bright neon orange leotard. You can also use an orange dress or shirt.

Next, add green feathers around the neck. And let's just talk about that head piece made of sequin trim, feathers, tulle, and a generous helping of green glitter. Love love love.

13. Gingerbread House

Here's another costume idea to welcome the oncoming holiday season. With some cardboard, paint, and pom-poms, you can create two sides of a gingerbread house, just like Instagram user @alexhanson92. I'm thinking some white fluffy trim would be awesome as the icing. Add some rope, and wear it around your neck like the festive gal you are.

14. Cookie

Guys, this cookie costume was made with a dog bed. So good. So good. SO GOOD.

All you need is a dog bed, paint, and some rope or elastic. Just make sure to ask your pup's permission first.

15. Eggs and Bacon

If you're a professional breakfast eater like myself, this eggs and bacon outfit will totally speak to your soul. Felt and hot glue can play a big part in making your own version of this costume. Simply make the bacon into a scarf-like accessory that can be worn around your neck.

As for the egg? You can either add it to one end of the bacon scarf, or cover your baby's carrier in it. Too cute.

16. Watermelon

In recent years, fruit has become one heck of a sweet summer trend. Try dressing up as a juicy watermelon as an ode to summer. Find a red circle tablecloth, paint the bottom green, and add some black seeds. Cut a hole in the center for that lovely head of yours. Not bad for a costume-raincoat hybrid.

17. Raspberry

If you're not feeling the grape costume, opt for red or dark pink balloons for a raspberry version. I'm loving the idea of wearing a matching wig, too!

18. Pie

As the official dessert of fall, pie is the ultimate Halloween-appropriate costume. It's also yet another example of how useful those balloons are for Halloween.

For this pie costume, layer diagonal strips of brown paper on a large triangle of colored paper. Make a crust with crumpled-up paper or fabric. Hot glue some balloons to your clothing, and wear the pie-tastic triangle right on top.

19. Dots

Candy from the '90s always makes for an excellent costume idea. Luckily, this is another easy one that doesn't require fancy materials. Take some Styrofoam balls, cut them in half, and spray paint them pink, yellow, and blue. Hot glue them to an all-white ensemble, and you're good to go.

20. Strawberry

Using the same techniques and materials for the watermelon costume (No. 16), you can make a strawberry outfit in minutes. Just use light yellow seeds instead of black, and top it off with a green beanie and fabric leaves. Too sweet.

For more Halloween ideas, check out Bustle on YouTube.

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Image: Kirsten Nunez