5 Free Coffee Events To Mark On Your Calendar So You Can Follow Your Overly Caffeinated Bliss

Coffee is totally one of those expenses that you don't realize is an expense until you add it up. $1.50 regular cup here, $3.50 cold brew there, suddenly you've spent $100. I just doesn't feel like it, while it's happening. And regardless of how broke you've been, have you ever deprived yourself of a morning coffee? Probably not, because it's not really optional. For many of us, a cup of joe is a ride to work in the morning. It's that very much needed last step in waking up and being prepared to function for the day.

So if you're a "first coffee, then talky" kind of person, you probably were in line at your favorite cafe last week cashing in your free cup on National Coffee Day. And the next day when you were back to counting quarters in exchange for your morning life-force wondering why every day can't be National Coffee Day. Because it should be, right? How is coffee any different than water?! We need it to LIVE! Why aren't there coffee fountains?! There should be, there should be.

If you just followed that line of thought, you're in luck. Your prayers have been (kinda) answered. Many of your favorite coffee joints offer free coffee days throughout the year. So, if you're open to exploration and coffee hopping, mark your calendars and enjoy. Oh and, you're welcome.

Whole Foods

For the month of September, Whole Foods sells 25 cent coffee. So pop in on your way to work and get rid of some of those coins clinging to the depths of your pockets.


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Head to the golden arches on the last two weeks of September. They dole out free coffee for 14 days straight! Eat it with All Day Breakfast and follow your bliss.


Monday, October 12 through Sunday, October 18 is free coffee WEEK! That's right, all this week you can enjoy a free cup of coffee, hot chocolate, latte, cappuccino, what have you!

Dunkin' Donuts

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By enrolling in their rewards program you get a free coffee. It only takes a few seconds, and word on the street is that you also get a free cup on your birthday, once you're a member.


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Don't have a Valentine? Starbucks will be yours for the day. They do a buy one get one deal all day on February 14. So surprise your crush with a cup, it's a win/win for you. (Plus, Rewards Members get free coffee on their birthdays!)

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