7 Fleur De Force Beauty Tutorials You Have To See

Beauty vloggers are no foreign faces in the YouTube universe. In fact — they're the main act — the stars enlisted by talent agencies, handed television deals, and charged with penning best-selling paperbacks. And Fleur De Force is no exception. Not only does she play YouTube beauty vlogger to more than a million subscribers, but she's collaborated with Eylure on a range of false lashes, released a makeup collection, and recently authored her own beauty and lifestyle book, The Glam Guide .

How's that for a resume? Fleur kicked off her United States book tour in Chicago on Monday and will end in San Francisco on October 21. Her channel, much like her book, is a colorful fusion of fashion, beauty, and lifestyle content. Count seasonal shopping hauls are a Fleur De Force classic — she features everything from high street Topshop to luxurious Valentino. She's braved the cameras to share her laser eye surgery story and schooled viewers on how to perfect the recipe for spiced orange hot chocolate (an absolute necessity as I brave the New York chill).

But no beauty vlogger's channel is complete without the beauty component. Apart from Fleur's in-depth "monthly favorites" series (where she breaks down her must-have beauty products of the moment) she has also crafted a number of user-friendly tutorials. Take a peek at her seven best beauty tutorials and get those mascara wands ready!

1. She can do double-winged eyeliner. I repeat, double-winged eyeliner

Why settle for the trite winged eyeliner when you can go the extra mile and make it unique? In Fleur's latest tutorial, she discloses the secret to her autumn makeup routine — the double-winged eyeliner, complete with a berry lip. And the best part: the products are drugstore-friendly, so have no fear, your bank account will be safe and sound.

2. Say hello to your next Halloween costume

Katniss Everdeen is about to conquer the silver screen again this year as The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 2 hits theaters in November. And what more relevant Halloween get-up is there than The Girl on Fire herself? Let Fleur De Force mentor you along the way as she guides you on how to execute the full Katniss package: makeup, hair, nails, and outfit. You've got not excuse to sit this costume out.

3. Lessons in faking a summer glow

The dog days of summer may be long gone, but that doesn't mean you have to bid farewell to sunkissed skin anytime soon. From application tips to brand recommendations, you can fake that Caribbean vacay until it becomes a reality.

4. Celebrity makeup? She's got you covered

This is Hollywood beauty unlocked. Learn how to achieve Keira Knightley's demure yet sultry makeup within a few easy strokes. Other English stunners Fleur has tackled include Twiggy, Elizabeth Taylor, and Princess Diana.

5. No nail salon? No problem.

Let's face it: we've all suffered an emergency nail moment. Usually salons are there to save the day, but when it's midnight before your next job interview, you'll have to resort to more personal rescuing methods. Here, Fleur walks us through a simple French manicure tutorial that will crown you as the queen of DIY nails.

6. Start prepping for the inevitable holiday parties

It's almost that time of the year again. But before you tune into Elf for the millionth time and crack open the egg nog, start planning your holiday makeup. In this tutorial, Fleur adds retro flair to an otherwise everyday nude eyeshadow and red lip combo.

7. And if you wanted another reason to splurge on Coachella...

Music festival makeup is often its own kind of category — and for good reason too. Get tricks on how to cater your beauty routine specially for the sweat-drenched realm of music festivals.

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Image: Fleur De Force/YouTube