Twitty From 'Even Stevens' Now Looks Like A Hunkier Version Of Louis Stevens' Best Friend

If you were a teen in the late '90s and early '00s, then there's no doubt that you tuned into the Disney Channel. Who didn't want to watch Even Stevens, Sister, Sister, Smart Guy, Lizzie McGuire, or That's So Raven, not to mention all of those amazing Disney Channel Original Movies? Seriously, those were the good old days. Do you ever sit around thinking about where some of the stars of those beloved shows and movies are at today? Specifically, do you ever wonder what Twitty from Even Stevens looks like in 2015? Me too. Me too.

A.J. Trauth played Alan Twitty, aka Louis Stevens' (Shia LaBeouf) best friend. Ever since his days on the beloved Disney Channel TV comedy, Trauth stuck with acting and starred in a few familiar projects. From 7th Heaven to Kim Possible to Pepper Dennis to Reba to Bones, he definitely expanded his acting kills and talents. In addition to work, Trauth also found love. In 2014, he married The Originals actress Leah Pipes. As I'm sure you can imagine, they are both beyond adorable.

It doesn't appear that the now 29-year-old has Twitter or Instagram. However, thankfully Pipe shares plenty of photos of her husband. With that said, here's what Trauth looks like today. Basically, he's a hunkier version of Twitty, you know, if you didn't already find Twitty attractive on Even Stevens (I totally did).

He Has A Beard

I love some scruff.

He Looks Like A Catalogue Model

I mean, just look at those loafers.

His Bedhead Is Out Of Control

Totally normal.

He Still Has A Great Smile


He Hasn't Lost His Funny Side

I think he found his perfect match.

He Makes One Handsome Groom

He's rockin' that tux quite nicely.

Let's make one more comparison. Here's Twitty from Even Stevens:

And here's Trauth today:

Yeah, still adorable.

Images: Disney Channel; Giphy