Taylor Swift Makes The Best "Bad Blood" Joke

Oh, Taylor Swift! While she's pretty much on top of the world in terms of her career, she took a moment to remind us all that she's still human, just like everybody else. Sure, she may bake the cutest cookies and other desserts, but that doesn't mean she's immune to the occasional kitchen mishap. On Saturday night, Taylor Swift shared an Instagram of a cooking-related injury and included the best possible caption. As someone who has accidentally sliced my finger while cooking on multiple occasions, it's nice to know T. Swift is in the same realm of clumsiness. While it's obviously a shame she got hurt, the singer made the most of the moment with a genius "Bad Blood" reference in the photo's caption.

Sharing a picture of her wrapped up thumb, Swift wrote, "Band aids don't fix kitchen knife-related injuries." She also threw in a little knife emoji. Get it? It's a play off the lyrics, "Band aids don't fix bullet holes." Props to Tay on that one! Anytime I get injured, I'm too busy holding back tears to even think of a clever Insta caption.

To make the situation as Swift-tastic as possible, she drew a "13" (her lucky number) on the white bandage and wore a "TS" initial ring. Because even if she accidentally stabs herself, she does it in style.

On a more serious note, it really is great that she didn't actually get too hurt. For anyone wondering how bad the wound was, don't worry; it wasn't severe enough to stop her from tearing up the stage at the 1989 World Tour. Later on Saturday night, Swift shared photos from the show, where she performed with Ellie Goulding, who she referred to as Destructa X, aka her nickname from the "Bad Blood" music video. So many song references, so little time!

All in all, keep being such a creative genius, Taylor! But please be more careful in the kitchen.