Who You Should Date Before Graduating College

Oh college, a veritable land of sexual experimentation and mysticism that all seems to happen between the endless stream of exams and papers. From the different types of people you date in college to the new things you try, when you finally venture out of the comfort zone you called home to spend four years in questionably sanitary environments with minimal rules and regulations, you get to know yourself, and what you're looking for just a little bit better.

But through all the inevitable drunken weekend hookups that may or may not end up on your school's Twitter make outs page, you meet some really cool people that only college has to offer. Now whether you decide to date or keep things casual while “finding yourself” is up to you, but whichever you do decide, there are some really interesting options to explore on campus.

I'll be the first to admit: During my senior year, I decided it was time that I hook up with my RA. Long story short, it probably wasn't the best idea. But I got a great story out of it, and one that is so uniquely college that I would absolutely do it again, given the chance. So who are the people you should consider hooking up with or possibly dating before graduating college? Here are just a few.

1. The Party Thrower

Yes, a large part of college that you (probably won't) remember later on are the parties. And behind every great college party is the overly extroverted party thrower who doesn't really care that they'll be living in filth for a week after their most epic ragers. This person is usually carefree, spontaneous, and a bit wacky, which will never make for a dull moment — and maybe that's something you're looking for right now.

2. The Foreign Exchange Student

Mmm, yes there is nothing like dating someone from another country. Foreign exchange students are just so delightfully enticing; their different customs are fascinating, they're curious, and that accent. Though they may not be on campus for as long as you are, that shouldn't stop you from spending a few weekends “showing them around.” You could be there very own tour guide on all things American college. Or, you can just stay in your room and show them around different sights.

3. The Guy/Girl Across The Hall

Back in my college dorm days, I had the biggest crush on the guy who lived just across the hall from us. Late nights were spent in a constant battle to see who could carry out the most epic vandalization on the other person's door. Then, on weekends, his room would be our first stop on the party train. But despite all that sexual tension, nothing ever came of it and I only ever saw his room when he was giving me shots of tequila. Don't be like me! Do you girl, and go hook up with that hottie from across the hall.

4. The Art Student

If you go to a liberal arts school like I did, there will surely be tons of artists. Go forth, and be with these creative people. Not only will they help you look at the world through a different lens, you'll become more cultured in the process. And even if he or she does border on pretentious, you'll have something new to talk about at cocktail parties. Also, your English professor will thank you.

5. Mr./Ms. Future Doctor

Maybe it's just me, but there is a certain allure to the pre-med student. Not only are they smart (or at least trying to be), one day they will be a rich, sexy doctor a la Grey's Anatomy, and I'll be there hoping McDreamy decides to operate on my brain in the unfortunate event I need surgery. I'm really attracted to intelligence, and there is something so enticing about a person who is willing to save lives. In reality, they're usually just a stressed out bio student who may forsake the ideas of med school before they ever reach senior year. But you can always tell your friends 10 years from now that, yes, you dated a doctor once.

6. The Extracurricular Junkie

Anyone who is insanely involved with almost everything on campus is always a fascinating person. As a multi-talented, outgoing, go-getter, they know just about everything going on everywhere at all times. Even though this person many not have all the time in the world for you, getting involved with them may mean getting involved in a club you never thought of joining, but actually love.

7. The Cute Guy/Girl From Your Group Project

Group projects suck but that doesn't mean something good can't actually come out of it. While you may get set up with a bunch of people in your class who are content to leave all the work to you, every once and a while your professor throws you a bone, and pairs you up with the coolest person in class. Start off by comparing notes, bond over your mutual hatred of group projects, and before you know it, you're in love. (Too much too soon?)

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