7 Easy & Hilarious Halloween Makeup Ideas

Maybe you're totally over disgustingly spooky costumes and too cute princess and fairy outfits. If you're more Amy Schumer than Taylor Swift, here are a handful of easy funny Halloween costumes that are guaranteed to get you all of the laughs at your holiday party. Dare I say you might win the costume contest, too?

Being funny with your Halloween costume is a fine line. Many celebrities have attempted to be funny or cute with their costume and failed miserably, coming off as insensitive or ignorant in the truest sense of the word. If you don't want to marginalize, belittle, misappropriate, or otherwise disrespect others with your costume, ask yourself some key questions before wearing it. Is it poking fun at a serious or sensitive subject (i.e. transitioning genders, a la Caitlyn Jenner?) Is your costume something you know a lot about, or did you haphazardly throw on a headdress and strut out the door? Pause, reflect, and ask questions. If you have a small doubt in your mind, read our guide for how to not be offensive with a costume.

Needless to say, these hilarious costumes passed the test. They're light hearted, easy to identify, and funny as hell.

Here are seven easy funny Halloween costumes you should consider this year.

1. Kim Kardashian's PAPER Cover

Kim Kardashian rocked the PAPER magazine cover, and created an icon that broke the internet. Here's how you can dress as Kim K's PAPER cover, without spending tons of cash or showing lots of skin.

2. Donald Trump

Did you know you can DIY the Donald as a Halloween costume? While the comb over and the grouchy squint are essential, so is nailing that bad spray tan with makeup. Here's how.

3. Rainbow Snapchat

Part gross but mostly addicting, these Snapchat filters had everyone laughing this year. Here's a quick tutorial on how to achieve the magical, mystical Snapchat filter makeup.

4. Emojis

We all have a favorite. You can go as your signature emoji — if you don't have yellow paint, you can simply paint the tears, heart eyes, or flushed cheeks to still achieve the look.

5. A Zombie Sloth

Of course you want to be a zombie sloth! Carry around a banana and move very, very, very slowly.

6. Flo the Progressive Lady

She's impossible not to love, and rocks a signature hair and makeup style all her own. If you're known as the quirky and witty one of your group, this is perfect for you.

7. Justin Bieber

The Biebs had a great comeback year. Why not celebrate? You can temporarily dye your hair blonde with hairspray dye or hair chalk. Be sure to layer on the temporary tattoos and don't forget to bring a more mellowed out, slightly emotional persona.

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Image: Glam & Gore/YouTube