11 Style Essentials For Every 'Gilmore Girls' Fan

My live reaction to the rumored Gilmore Girls reboot? The first text: "OMG," followed by a jumble of nonsense letters. Looks like Rory and Lorelai might be making a comeback, caffeine, Chinese take-out and all. This week, multiple sources reported that Netflix is rumored to be reviving the beloved dramedy series. While Netflix has not confirmed the news, that didn't stop fans from speculating about what modern Rory Gilmore would be like and planning the ultimate binge-watching party on the net.

It's been a solid eight years since audiences parted ways with Stars Hollow and the Gilmore clan for good. Now that the fast-talking mother/daughter duo may be gracing the small screen again (and certainly not without their trademark pop culture references), it's time to focus on an important issue: how to mentally prepare for the show's return. Think you're truly the number one expert when it comes to Rory's cycle of heartthrobs and Friday night dinner convos? Think again.

Meet the 11 fashion essentials every Gilmore Girls enthusiast must own. And don't worry: you've still got time to check off every item on this list — so get shopping, fangirl edition.

1. Beauty and the Bookworm

The ever-so-studious Rory Gilmore is not one to shy away from literature. In fact, she embraces her precious paperbacks like no other, to the point where audiences can too channel their inner bookworm and take on the Rory Gilmore Reading Challenge: 339 books, 7 seasons — can you conquer the mission?

The Bag

Ensure that your mint condition George Orwell and Mark Twain copies stay safe and secure with a book bag — and I'm talking literally. These leather bags come in a multitude of book styles, ranging from Jane Austen to Homer book covers.

Leather Book Bag, $170, Etsy

2. Caffeine Chic

It's a no brainer that caffeine runs through Lorelai and Rory's veins. And no one can very well reject a hearty cup of joe from Luke's Diner.

The Shirt

A morning without coffee means zombie hour. Keep a daily reminder of your caffeine intake with this Halloween-ready "Death Before Decaf" tee. Truer words have never been spoken.

Death Before Decaf Women's T-Shirt, $29, Etsy

3. Pretty In Plaid

Blair Waldorf may be forever associated with schoolgirl prep, but before Queen B came along, Rory Gilmore was the original. Her Chilton days were spent sporting fitted blazers and plaid skirts, a sartorial combo that defines the Rory aesthetic.

The Skirt

Don't have an elite preparatory school on your transcript? Have no fear — you can re-create your own uniform right at home with the help of a trusty plaid skirt. Add a contemporary spin by pairing with a graphic tee, or go the traditional route with a crisp button-down.

LA Hearts Plaid Skater Skirt, $30, Pacsun

4. The Luke Danes Baseball Cap

Plaid shirt, French fry grease, and manly scruff — the aesthetic of the one and only Luke Danes.

The Cap

Before you trek out to your local diner for midnight burgers and milkshakes, make sure to add a necessary accessory: a Luke Diner's baseball cap. You have to stay true to your roots somehow.

Luke's Diner Baseball Cap, $19, Cafe Press

5. Hep Alien Meets Street Style

Hep Alien's reunion at ATV Festival this past June was all my dreams realized. Lane Kim, the band's resident drummer, is the picture of edgy, rockstar chic meets rebellious Korean daughter. This is too perfect for reality.

The Shirt

Step one to concocting the best concert get-up: a black mesh tee à la Lane. Layer a bralette underneath and pair with black leather denim to complete the look.

Silence + Noise Oversized Mesh Tee, $44, Urban Outfitters

6. Retro On The Dance Floor

Yet another reason to worship the altar of Lorelai and Rory: their headstrong relationship as mother and daughter. And by headstrong, I'm talking about a 24-hour dance marathon.

The Dress

A red polka dotted dress is the key ingredient to crafting the retro Rory outfit. Just add a doting mother, vintage tunes, and voilà!

ModCloth Day After Day Dress, $100, ModCloth

7. Canine Couture

One can never forget the Gilmores' lovable canine pal, Paul Anka. Especially if he harbors the power to predict the future.

The Shirt

For both die-hard fans of the show and dog devotees alike, an adorable graphic Paul Anka tee is a must-have.

Paul Anka The Dog Women's T-Shirt, $15, Cafe Press

8. Floral Wonderland

The way to a woman's heart is not through chocolates or diamond rings, but a thousand yellow daisies.

The Dress

While Max Medina may not be there in real life to shower you in flowers (unfortunately), take the alternative route with a striking daisy print collar dress. Fake it until you make it, right?

Glamorous Swing Collar Dress, $26, ASOS

9. Bandanas, Lorelai Style

Forget about those Coachella flower crowns — this season's latest hair accessory are bandanas, as stylishly modeled by Lorelai herself. Paint smudges optional.

The Bandana

A paisley pattern is a safe way to venture into bandana accessorizing if you're still new to the game. Otherwise, the bolder the pattern, the better!

Levi's Paisley Bandana, $12, Levi

10. Spring Breakers

And if there's one thing Gilmore Girls has proven, it is that spring break in college is unpredictable as ever. When Rory and Paris jetset to Florida for their getaway, they begin innocently with Bill Moyers and pizza but end with alcohol and locking lips.

The Hat

Mimic Paris Gellar's laidback beach vibe with a splashy sun hat fit for the tropical weather. Don't forget the sunscreen!

ModCloth Second To Sun Hat, $17, ModCloth

11. The Price Of Love

Personally, I'm Team Logan if we're discussing Rory's romance battlefield. One of the many reasons? He gifts Rory with the exclusive, waiting-list only Hermès Birkin — a true sign of love in my eyes.

This goes without saying, but if you've got nine grand to drop (or an extremely generous boyfriend), then say yes to the Hermès.

Hermès Birkin 35, $7,800, The Real Real

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