Ultimate 'Pretty Little Liars' Halloween Playlist

One of the reasons I love Pretty Little Liars so much is the fact that almost every episode contains a scare. Sure, it might never reach Saw levels of brutality, but there are always multiple shady people, more secrets being kept than solved, unsolved murders, and moments our main characters are placed in serious danger. If you find yourself in Rosewood, at night, in the dark, and all alone, you know that you're in trouble. Which is why Pretty Little Liars' Halloween specials are always important dates in the calendar. And the Pretty Little Liars music producer seems to know exactly what fans will like, and has helped me to discover so many songs I never knew about before. The PLL Halloween episodes are no exception to this, and often feature horror-themed soundtracks or famous musical guests invited specially for the occasion.

With the time-jump in PLL Season 6 having just taken place, there's no Halloween episode scheduled this year. Which is why it seems like a prime moment to revisit some of the show's scariest episodes and creepiest music. Everyone's Halloween party needs a playlist, but what you need in your life more than anything is the music from PLL's Halloween specials.

*Insert creepy horror-movie laugh here*

"Pretty Little Neighbor" By Giant Drag

Featured in PLL 's first Halloween special, The First Secret (Season 2, Episode 13), at a party thrown by Noel. Everyone attended, even Alison, as this is a flashback taking place before her disappearance.

"Just Dance" By Lady Gaga (Feat. Colby O'Donis)

Also featured in that very first Halloween special, all the Liars dance to this Lady Gaga classic (it's a classic at this point, right?!).

"Cuckoo" By Adam Lambert

PLL's second Halloween episode, This is a Dark Ride (Season 3, Episode 13), takes place on a "crazy train," as Lambert sings in the lyrics to this song. Rosewood High can command some pretty high-profile live musical guests, just sayin'.

"Teddy Bear's Picnic" By Janel Parrish

Also from This is a Dark Ride . I recommend sneaking this version of that classic nursery rhyme into your Halloween playlist to freak your party guests out. No one will expect to hear PLL's very own Mona singing in a super creepy manner mid-party!

"Bodies" By The Duke Spirit

Featured in Grave New World (Season 4, Episode 13), the Halloween episode that tried to launch that PLL spinoff Ravenswood. You remember Ravenswood, right? Well apparently this song plays when Caleb and Miranda, that girl he basically left Hanna for, find the Ravenswood graveyard. Good for you guys!

"I Didn't Raise My Boy To Be A Soldier" By Morton Harvey

Perhaps a bit of a retro choice for the playlist, but a super spooky moment in PLL. Hanna gets stuck in an old-fashioned phone booth, and 'A' sets this music playing. I'm freaked out after five seconds.

Happy Halloween! And remember, 'A' is always watching.

Images: ABC Family; Giphy