13 Times You Wanted To Be Chrissy Teigen's BFF

by Nicole Pomarico

Anyone who follows Chrissy Teigen on Instagram, Twitter, or has ever even looked at her face is aware of one simple fact: She is an amazing human and the ideal best friend. Whether she's firing off comebacks for people who are too-involved with her baby bump, speaking her mind on Twitter, or cooking up delicious recipes for her website, Chrissy Teigen is the best. There are plenty of other celebrities who do what she does, like Gwyneth Paltrow, but for all of her DIY ideas and Goop, Paltrow has never been able to master sass against the media (and her followers) the way Teigen does so flawlessly.

Besides, now that the 29-year-old is officially expecting her first baby, I can't wait to read her commentary on mommyhood — and everything else, as per usual. John Legend, I have one thing to say to you: Congrats on your awesome wife, man.

If you're anything like me, there have been plenty of times when you wanted Chrissy Teigen to be your best friend than the ones on this list, so this is by no means exhaustive. I'd be lying if, more often than not, I didn't chuckle at Teigen's tweets, pretending that we are besties already... even though we've never met.

1. When She Pointed Out The Worst Thing People Do On Twitter

Somebody finally said it, and I'm glad it was her.

2. When You Realized She, Too, Stages Her Instagram Photos

Don't try to act like not once in your life have you perfectly set up your ingredients for At least she has the decency to pose with her food.

3. When She Revealed The Real Reason "Hotline Bling" Is A Success

We've all watched the video at least three times by now. It's fine.

4. When She Created A Recipe You Never Knew You Needed In One Single Tweet

Whatever food that would create, I need it now.

5. And Actually, When You Realized She'd Make You Amazing Food Anytime You Hang Out

If you haven't been to Teigen's cooking site yet, run, do not walk, to Delushious immediately. There are so many amazing recipes waiting for you, and if you cook one of Teigen's creations and Instagram it, there's a chance she'll share it on her site. And that's clearly step one of best friendship.

6. When She Stood Up For Herself And Her Baby Bump

When a celeb is pregnant, it's basically open season for people to comment on the size of their baby bumps and the things they're doing wrong in their pregnancy. Teigen had a brush with that phenomenon when she shared her first baby bump pic earlier this month, and when people started getting way too far in the business of her unborn fetus, enough was enough. Atta girl!

7. Every Single Time She Does Award Show Commentary

Like, even when she's actually at the events, she's still live tweeting. Bless her.

8. When She Revealed The Best Way To Keep Your S.O. From Ever Loving Another

This is advice I am taking seriously.

9. Seeing Her Amazing Dog & Realizing You Could Be Friends With This Dog If You Were Friends With Teigen

Enough said.

10. Oh, And This One Too

Clearly the ideal puppy friend, don't you think?

11. When She Played Amy Schumer's Couples Counselor

Homegirl can do comedy.

12. Every Single Time She's Ever Called Out The Media

Teigen never lets anyone walk all over her — like all the ridiculous reports that followed her "no hot nannies" comments — and I admire that in her.

13. And Realizing How She Eats Pie Is The Same Way You Eat Pie

It's like looking in a mirror.

Chrissy Teigen, please be my best friend. I promise to make it worth your while (and actually never tweet anything crazy about you, ever).