9 Hacks To Rock Your Summer Clothes All Year Long

Are you heartbroken to have to pack up your summer wardrobe and not see your favorite crop tops and denim shorts for nearly nine months? Stop what you're doing and read these hacks to extend your summer wardrobe into fall and winter before it's too late! Don't doom your summer clothes to be boxed up until next summer because there are endless ways to incorporate them into the colder seasons.

As someone that tries to follow slow fashion principles as much as possible, I don't own a ton of clothes and really like all of the pieces I have. Following the advice of Marie Kondo, everything I own really does spark joy and has some sweet little memory behind it. That's why it would be such a bummer to pack up basically half my closet and pretend it doesn't exist for awhile.

Luckily, the hacks below prove you can easily take key summer pieces like crop tops and little flowy dresses well into fall and winter. And if you want even more inspiration than what's below, I would definitely encourage you to check out how to wear a crop top in the fall, summer trends to wear this fall, and the quickest way to double your seasonal wardrobe in the winter.

Have fun not putting clothes into boxes today and incorporating them into your fall and winter wardrobe.

Summer Item #1: Overalls

(Overalls, $148, Madewell)

A sweet summertime staple, overalls can be worn even when it's freezing out. Here's how.

With A Plaid Flannel

(Flannel Check Shirt, $85, Madewell)

Channel your inner fall harvest farmer by popping a cozy flannel shirt under your favorite pair of overalls.

With A Turtleneck

(Only Roll Neck Sweater, $26, ASOS)

For a slightly more refined look than flannel, opt for a fitted turtleneck under your overalls instead!

With An Oversized Sweater

(Striped Sweater, $49, ZARA)

Need even more warmth? Overalls look insanely adorable under giant knit sweaters.

Summer Item #2: Denim Shorts

(Denim Shorts, $49, Urban Outfitters)

Another made-for-summer piece that can still transition to winter! Here's how.

With A Pair Of Opaque Tights

(Opaque Tights, $15, AdditionElle)

Warm tights mean you won't freeze your booty off in those booty shorts!

With Thigh Highs

(Thigh Highs, $10.80, Free People)

Pair with cute ankle boots and a cute sweater to complete the look.

With A Kimono Knit

(Kimono Knit, $40, ASOS)

For days that aren't freeeeezing this fall, rocking a cozy knit kimono over denim shorts will keep you just warm enough. If it gets too cold, just add tights.

Summer Staple #3: Summer Dress

(Printed Oliva Dress, $36, American Apparel)

They definitely won't keep you warm by themselves, but with a little layering it's easy to wear your summer dress no matter what the weather forecast. Here's how.

With A Long Sleeve Shirt

(Flannel Sunday Shirt, $88, Madewell)

Flannel doesn't have to automatically mean plaid, and this extra warm flannel shirt is easy to pop under any dress style.

With A Poncho

(Striped Poncho, $49.90, ZARA)

I love how ponchos are basically an excuse to wear a blanket in public. A sweet summer dress peeking out from under one of these gives off a flirty, subtle sexiness.

With Knit Tights

(Rib Knit Tights, $25, DKNY)

Cute, cozy, and perfect under any short summer dress.

Image Credit: Courtesy of Brands