Go As Yourself For Halloween With These Last Minute Ideas That Are Sure To Win The Night

Halloween is so close at this point that we can taste its candy corn goodness, so what are you supposed to do if you don't have a Halloween costume yet, and you need a last minute Halloween costume idea? Well, first you're supposed to give yourself a mental slap on the wrist for letting things get this far and stressing yourself out, and promise yourself never to do it again. Then, you're going to stop thinking about this altogether. That's right, I said forget about it! Don't pull together a last minute costume out of your closet, don't get on the Internet and spend all your money on something that might not even make it in time, and, above all, don't give yourself any added stress on this holiday. It's meant to be fun, and you're allowed to be lazy once in a while, so cut yourself a break and wear whatever you want.

And I mean seriously whatever you want, because I've come up with a list of costumes that will let you get away with dressing as yourself, no strings attached. It may not be the most creative Halloween costume of your life (okay, definitely won't be), but you can at least impress people with your cleverness, while also walking around in exactly what makes you comfortable all. Night. Long. What could be better than that? Answer: nothing.

Here's what you can go as this year to avoid any and all costume drama.

1. Yourself In The Future

How far in the future? November 1st. Or just wear whatever you were wearing on October 21, 2015, and say you're an extra from the background of Back to the Future.

2. Eight Weeks Pregnant

"I wouldn't be showing yet, so I wanted to make sure the costume was accurate. Don't you want my costume to be accurate?"

3. The Guy Who Helps You Clean Up After This Party

"...so how about you quit giving me a hard time?"

4. Your Own Social Media Presence

Choose a handle you'd like to use, and respond only to that for the rest of the night. Feel free to recycle old tweets if you can't think of anything interesting to say.

5. A Party Pooper

Hey, you're the one who showed up to a costume party with no costume, so you might as well own it. Just make sure you go number two at some point during the evening to really pull the whole thing together.

6. An Identical Triplet

"The other two are at a different party."

7. Netflix And Chill

"You can be the chill part, and stop asking me to explain my costume."

8. The Guy Who Filmed "Pizza Rat"

Just find someone at the party who's dressed like Pizza Rat (there will be one), and follow them around with your iPhone.

9. A Hogwarts Student

"They let us wear whatever we want now, and I'm not allowed to do magic off-campus, so you'll just have to trust me."

And there you have it! I can't protect you from the eye rolls these costume choices will likely earn you, but hey! They are costumes, so get on out of here with your Halloween judgement.

Images: NBC; Giphy (9)