Should Tom Hiddleston Be The Next James Bond?

The newest James Bond movie, Spectre , is arriving in theaters with a bit of a dark cloud over it. Not because it's a bad movie (on the contrary, it's getting solid reviews), but because there is a feeling that the film could be the last with Daniel Craig as Bond. Spectre is Craig's fourth turn in the role, which began with 2006's Casino Royale, and his run has been the franchise's most acclaimed since Sean Connery was throwing back shaken-not-stirred vodka martinis in the '60s. So it worries fans to hear Craig imply that he'd rather commit suicide than portray the character again, as he did in a recent interview with Time Out London (though he has since walked back on those comments a bit). If Craig is indeed done as Bond, someone new will have to fill the role, and a number of qualified names have come up as potential replacements. Idris Elba, Tom Hardy, and Michael Fassbender are all possibilities, and they each have their own fans rooting for them to be the next Bond (especially Elba). But another name that's been added to the mix recently comes off as a very interesting choice; can you imagine Tom Hiddleston being the next Bond?

Personally, I think Hiddleston would make a great Bond. He may not be the most obvious choice for the role, but neither was Daniel Craig. Craig was roundly criticized by several hardcore fans at the time for being too blonde, too short, and too ugly. Obviously, those complaints turned out to be completely without merit, but it just goes to show the type of scrutiny whoever is cast as the next Bond is going to have to face. But I believe Hiddleston is up to the task, and here are six reasons why.

#1. Sex Appeal

Might as well get this out of the way right off the bat: ladies love Hiddles. Bond has always been an international sex symbol, and handing the role over to a man who's already considered one in his own right just makes sense.

#2. Intimidation

Hiddleston may not have the muscled physique of Craig, but that doesn't mean he can't bring the thunder when he needs to. Hiddleston took on the entire Avengers as Loki, something Bond himself wouldn't even be capable of. And besides, Hiddleston would hardly be the first Bond with a slight build; both Roger Moore and Pierce Brosnan (and even Connery) had bodies that appeared far less solid than the super-fit Craig.

#3. Suave Sophistication

It goes without saying that Bond has to be a smooth, classy guy with a refined sense of style, and anyone who's ever seen Hiddleston knows that he is the embodiment of the British gentleman vibe that Bond adheres to. Plus, he definitely knows how to wear a suit.

#4. Charisma

Bond is a larger than life character, and it takes a special kind of actor to play him correctly. Not every Bond has been able to accomplish that feat, with George Lazenby and Timothy Dalton only lasting one and two films in the role, respectively, largely due to their lack of personality. Hiddleston is relentlessly charming, and would have no trouble filling Bond's Crockett & Jones.

#5. Humor

If there is one area of Craig's Bond portrayal that I would criticize ever so slightly, it's that the character has become too serious. Craig's Bond is largely devoid of humor (though Spectre is said to improve upon this), especially compared to the wise-cracking Bonds of the past. I'm not saying Bond needs to dress as a clown like Moore literally did in Octopussy , but a return to lightheartedness would be most welcome, and Hiddleston is genuinely and effortlessly funny in almost everything he does.

#6. Age

Hiddleston is 34 now, meaning he would be 37 if the next Bond were to arrive in three years — the exact same age Craig was when he was cast in Casino Royale in 2005.

Hiddleston would make a great James Bond — if Daniel Craig doesn't end up returning. If Craig does come back, then I would of course welcome him with open arms. But if he is indeed out as everyone's favorite British secret agent, then the Bond franchise could certainly do a lot worse than Hiddleston.

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