'Mission: Impossible 5' On iTunes is Happening Soon, So It's Time To Revisit The Movie's 8 Best Moments

With all of the talk right now surrounding the new James Bond movie, Spectre , it's easy to forget that earlier this year, action movie fans were treated to another great spy flick: Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation. Tom Cruise's fifth outing as Ethan Hunt ended up somehow being his best yet, as the ageless actor did his craziest stunts ever and was joined in his non-stop thrills by breakout star Rebecca Ferguson's Ilsa Faust. The movie was a critical success, a box office blockbuster, and most importantly, it was a blast to watch. Not surprisingly, fans are wondering when, and where. they can watch it again. So, when will Mission: Impossible — Rogue Nation be on iTunes, ready for your at-home viewing pleasure?

Pretty soon, it turns out. Movies seem to head home almost immediately after they leave the theater these days, and the newest Mission: Impossible is no exception. Despite just being released in theaters on July 31 (hell, they just took down the billboard for it in my neighborhood a couple weeks ago), the movie is available to buy on iTunes on Nov. 17. If you still think that's still too long to wait for it, Amazon lists it as available a day earlier on Nov. 16. If that's still not good enough for you, then I suggest you relive the movie vicariously through this article with Mission: Impossible — Rogue Nation's eight best moments.

When Ilsa Had This Insane Takedown Move

One of the best apects of the film was definitely how kickass Ferguson's character was, and her best moment was unquestionably this spinning, scissor-hold takedown.

When You Felt Like You Were Drowning

Cruise actually held his breath underwater for six minutes straight to film this scene, and it shows on screen. I literally felt short of breath by the time he came out of the water.

When These Motorcycles Defied Physics

This movie was so full of impressive stunts that you'd think it would be hard for them not to blend together, but they each stand on their own. This might have been the best motorcycle chase scene ever put to film, and it's made even crazier when you know that it's all real.

When You Legitimately Weren't Sure What Side Ilsa Was On

Ferguson's character changes sides so many times that I lost track, but it kept me guessing until the end as to where her true loyalties lay.

When Benji Sent Ethan On A Suicide Mission Like It Was NBD

Simon Pegg's Benji is hilarious whenever he's on screen, but his biggest laughs came prior to sending Agent Hunt on his underwater mission, by casually (and insultingly) suggesting that he'll be fine.

When This Kick Took Place

Everything about the entire opera sequence was perfect, but seriously, how does someone kick like that?

When There Was No Romance

How cool was it to see tropes subverted by having Ferguson, as the film's female lead, have no romantic scenes with the male protagonist? Let's have this be a thing now, please.

When Tom Cruise Hung Off The Side Of A Plane

You knew this was coming. It's the film's most-iconic scene and was all over the marketing for the movie, and rightfully so. It was an incredible stunt and proved once again that Cruise will go to insane lengths to entertain an audience.

Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation was a ton of fun, and I really hope Tom Cruise keeps making these movies until he literally can't walk anymore (ditto Rebecca Ferguson). I can't wait to watch it again at home on Nov. 17, that way I can act out all of the stunts in my living room without having having angry theater patrons throw popcorn at me.

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