Lucy Hale Wears Banana Halloween Costume, Looks Adorably Quirky — PHOTO

The hunt for a unique Halloween costume is always a difficult one, I feel, but this Pretty Little Liar star managed to find a costume that’s different from all the rest. Lucy Hale wore a banana suit to celebrate Oct. 31, and I bet you’ve never thought of that before, now, have you? Didn’t think so. Dressing as a fruit isn’t exactly creepy or scary, but I’m sure she got enough of that kind of thing by watching this past season of PLL , am I right? An added bonus to this look is that you won’t be wearing the same thing as someone else. And plus, it is kind of adorable.

This definitely isn’t the first time that Hale has had undeniably cute style, either. This girl is super stylish every day of the year — not just on Halloween. Banana costume or no, she can pull off super girly style like no other. From dresses with ducks all over it to a gingham co-ord, nobody does charming as well as this girl does.

See her fruity Halloween look along with seven times that she’s had the most adorable style. And props for finding the most unique costume, yet. It’s definitely unexpected, but I like it.

Cute, right?

1. Country Chic

Rebecca Sapp/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

She looks like she's ready for a stylish picnic, and I love it.

2. Oh So Moschino

Vivien Killilea/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

She wears this wacky Moschino print so well.

3. Leopard Lady

Glam moment.

4. Transitional Style

She's got this summer/fall thing on lock.

5. Disney Princess

Modern day fairy tale? She nailed this.

6. A Little Extra Pop

This gal can totally pull off a quirky accessory.

7. Simplicity

Ben Gabbe/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Sometimes a sweet and simple look is best.

Hale kills it with her fashion, so, of course, Oct. 31st is no different. Just another day in the all too adorable life of Lucy Hale.