Harry Styles Pays Tribute To One Direction's Final Tour & Fans Couldn't Be More Proud

The end is among us. After five years, and soon to be five albums, the boys of One Direction have finished the final leg of their "On the Road Again Tour", the final tour before the hiatus set to begin in March 2016. It is a sappy, sentimental, and sad time for fans everywhere, but as this chapter ends, another one will undoubtedly open. Still, it is depressing, and on Sunday, 1D's Harry Styles took to Twitter to express his gratitude for the support the band has received over the years, leading fans around the world to do the same.

It is no secret that One Direction has had an amazing career, and achieved things in five years that some musicians and groups will not experience their entire lives. Since placing third on The X Factor UK five years ago, they've achieved indescribable feats. All four of the band's albums — Up All Night, Take Me Home, Midnight Memories, and Four — debuted at #1 in the USA, leading them to break numerous records, as well as earn a spot in the Guinness Book of World Records. And even when they've hit road bumps (member Zayn Malik leaving, for instance), the boys of 1D have still always managed to hold their heads up high and come out on top, thanks to the help of their devoted fans.

The "Perfect" singers are clearly aware of this fact, which is why Styles took it upon himself to give a few sweet words of thanks on Twitter. In response to his thoughtful remarks, not only did the waterworks begin, but so did a seemingly endless number of fan tweets. This morning, #ProudOfOneDirection was one of the top worldwide trends on Twitter, proving that 1D fans will always have the band's back. Here are some of the best fan reactions to the end of 1D's current chapter.

The Question

Ugh, the feels. But it's good to know that the fans don't plan on forgetting all of their midnight memories, so to speak.

The Scoreboard

No one knows the stats better than the fans. Yet another reminder of the amazing run that the "Drag Me Down" singers have had these past five years.

The Promise

One Direction fans have proven, time after time, that they are as loyal as fans get. It's nice to know that they don't plan on changing, anytime soon.

The Speech

Thanks to this dedicated fan, this 1D speech will never be lost in the archives. Styles' words at the final show brought out emotions that many audience members probably didn't even know they felt.

The Headcount

There is power in numbers! With all of these fans claiming their support, 1D will be just as big when they (hopefully) return from their hiatus.

The Gratitude

Don't hesitate to appreciate! One Direction fans definitely live by that principle.

The Truth

While some fans may still be having a hard time adjusting to the fact that 1D just wrapped up their final tour pre-hiatus, the boys seem to be as happy as can be. With them leading by example, their supporters should be A-okay in no time.

It's the end of an era, but it's been a dang good one. One Direction set the bar high for musicians to follow, and most importantly, they proved that the boy band isn't dead. Long live 1D!