Luke Hemmings & Arzaylea Kiss In Sweet Photo

5 Seconds of Summer are on top of the world right now, with their new album Sounds Good Feels Good scoring the coveted number one spot on the Billboard 200, casually slaying the game as always. And it seems like things are extra sweet for Mr. Luke Hemmings, who was photographed smoochin' his rumored girlfriend Arzaylea in an Instagram photo over the weekend that has since made its way around the entire 5SOS fandom. The picture, which lives on Arzaylea's Instagram for everyone to see, shows Luke Hemmings and Arzaylea kissing — pretty much undeniable proof that the two are an item. The photo itself is beyond adorable, with Arzaylea grinning at the guitarist with her hand on his cheek as he leans in and happily plants a kiss on her lips.

While the Hemmings and Arzaylea rumors have been flying since late summer, this is the first legit piece of photographic evidence that the pair are a couple. Sure, fans have obsessed over the paparazzi pics of them holding hands and that faraway video of them kissing at an All Time Low concert, but this picture is the first time that Arzaylea herself has ever shared something that proves that they're a couple. And hey, it'll certainly make everyone STFU about those ridiculous Luke Hemmings and Hailey Baldwin dating rumors.

Despite the fact that Hemmings and Arzaylea were spotted making out at the ATL show in Los Angeles last week, that didn't stop the rumor mill from speculating that Hemmings was dating Baldwin, literally only because the two were papped at dinner together in New York a few days later. In any case, Arzaylea is certainly setting the record straight with this snap of her and Hemmings kissing, proving to the world that the 5SOS frontman, is, in fact, with her.

Interestingly enough, the band appeared on Howard Stern Monday morning to perform and discuss every and all aspects of their lives — and yes, even what it's like to date while being as famous as they are. Though Stern pointed out that it must be difficult to romance ~the ladies~ while being so famous, Hemmings made a good point about that aspect: that it can be just as tough (if not tougher) for the women in question. "If you bring a girl into it, it's gonna be hard for them as well," he pointed out.

Though he didn't name any names in particular, it's not hard to see why all of that focus could be hard on a 5SOS girlfriend — particularly a relatively normal one who is being inundated with jealousy from a lot of fans and swift attention from the media. Still, Arzaylea seems to like to engage with 5SOS fans on social media, frequently answering questions on Twitter about everything from her thoughts on #Muke to the many, many beauty tips she doles out.

And hey (ay ay eh hey), the two are kinda hot though.