'High School Musical' Cast Reunites On Halloween

Since Halloweekend is officially over, you've probably done two things by now: eaten a majority of your candy and gushed over photos of awesome celebrity costumes. From Kim Kardashian's meta Kim K. costume to Beyoncé and Jay Z's Coming To America tribute, stars really went above and beyond this Halloween. Although all those get-ups were great, there's something even more amazing that happened: the High School Musical cast reunited at Vanessa Hudgens' Halloween party. Before you ask, no, sadly Zac Efron was absent. But besides that, it was incredibly nostalgic to see the Disney crew together again!

Although their characters, Gabriella Montez and Sharpay Evans, were frenemies in the movie, it's no secret that Vanessa Hudgens and Ashley Tisdale are besties in real life. (After all, Hudgens was one of Tisdale's bridesmaids last year.) For Halloween 2015, they even coordinated their costumes. Hudgens was Alice in Wonderland, while Tisdale was the Queen of Hearts. Although probably unintentional, those costumes sort of match their characters' personas in HSM a bit too — Gabriella, like the naive Alice, and Sharpay as the angry queen.

Monique Coleman, Corbin Bleu, and Jason Williams (a dancer in the movie) were also in attendance. I sincerely hope someone blasted "We're All In This Together" over the loud speakers and everybody began the choreographed routine — Wildcat mascot and all. It really is heartwarming that later, they're still pals. All they needed was Troy Bolton for it to be absolutely perfect. He really needs to "get his head in the game" and attend the next reunion.

Here's a round-up of photos from Hudgens' party. Warning: Extreme amounts of nostalgia ahead.

Wildcats Forever

Can they film a fourth High School Musical movie? HSM 4: Halloween Edition has a nice ring to it.

The Ladies

Coleman dressed up as Dionne from Clueless. Is there a better costume? As if!

Alice In Wonderland

Here's a better look at Hudgens and Tisdale's costumes. See what I mean about it matching their HSM personalities?

Taylor & Chad Reunited

Corbin Bleu's Lenny Kravitz costume is SPOT ON.

The Whole Group Again

Corbin Bleu shared this group shot, which is only slightly different from the one above — but I'm not complaining! The more photos of the former Wildcats together, the happier I am.

Looks like after all this time, the song was right! They are "all in this together." Now excuse me while I play the video below on repeat.

Image: Disney Channel