Predicting Adele's Next Single Off '25'

I don't think any of us are over the sheer awesomeness that is Adele's Hello," her first single off her upcoming album 25. The album, which is slated to be released on Nov. 20, is the first that the singer has released since 2011, and people are understandably excited about it. Even Adele fans who forgot that they were Adele fans have come out of the woodwork to celebrate the singer's new music with parodies, memes, and repeated listenings that have caused it to break VEVO records once comfortably held by the likes of Taylor Swift. However, it's no surprise that we should already want more. I know I'm not alone in already asking what will Adele's next single from 25 be?

If we're going by the past, we won't know what the next single is until after the album comes out. With 21, Adele only released "Rolling In The Deep" prior to the album's debut, with "Someone Like You" following later that same month and "Set Fire To The Rain," "Rumour Has It," and "Turning Tables" following later in the same year. With 19, Adele released both "Hometown Glory" and "Chasing Pavements" before the album came out, with "Cold Shoulder" and "Make You Feel My Love" following months after. However, "Chasing Pavements" came only a week before the album came out, which means we have a long wait if we're getting a second single before we get the whole album.

But which song will it be? "Someone Like You" was the final track on 21 (with "Rolling In The Deep" being the first) while "Chasing Pavements" was the third track on 19 (with "Hometown Glory" being the last). "Hello" is the first track on 25, which, if Adele follows the pattern of 21, means that "Sweetest Devotion" will be our next single from Adele, as it is the final track on the album. If she decides to semi-break tradition and give us the third track as a single instead, we'll be hearing "I Miss You" — which, to be honest, I doubt considering "Hello" is already pretty strongly about missing someone.

If we want to extend it further, "Cold Shoulder" was the fourth track and "Make You Feel My Love" was the ninth track on 19, while "Set Fire To The Rain" was fifth, "Rumour Has It" was second, and "Turning Tables" was third on 21. Thus, at the very least, we can establish that Adele enjoys releasing singles in the form of the tracks that are mostly odd numbered on her albums, and that they generally tend to be either in the first crop of songs on the album or the final song on the album. The question of exactly when Adele will release what is likely to be "Sweetest Devotion" is one that I can't answer, but the most likely answers are during her appearance on Saturday Night Live or the week before 25 drops. I can't wait.