9 Simple Pleasures You Should Indulge In

Sometimes all it takes to improve your day is to indulge in some simple pleasures. We're so often running from one thing to the next, that we don't take any time to slow down and smell the proverbial roses.

In moments like this it's nice to remember that the best things in life aren't expensive or flashy or hard to obtain, but are instead right there for the taking whenever you so desire. And that's really what makes the simple things in life so great— they're usually free. Think back to when you were a kid and your parents got you that big, expensive toy. What did you end up doing? Playing with the box.

That's how it is for adults, too. We often end up appreciating the simple things the most, like a cup of tea or a day spent sleeping in. We think we want pricey vacations and new cars (and those things are great, if you truly do want them), but at the end of the day the thing that feels the best is simple a pair of new socks, or a good book.

Here's a list of life's simple pleasures — and maybe some you've totally forgotten about — that you should go indulge in right now.

1. Climbing Into Clean Sheets

If you haven't washed your sheets in a minute, then go do that right now. There's nothing better than getting into a fresh bed at night. It's so good, in fact, that it'll make you wonder why you so often go weeks between washes. Or maybe that's just me. In any case — clean sheets, warm blankets, and a hot cup of tea is probably the best combination in the world.

2. Way-Too Chocolatey Milk

When was the last time you had chocolate milk? If it's been a while, then make sure you pick up some Hershey's as soon as possible. And yeah, there's no such thing as too much syrup.

3. Actually Seeing The Sunrise

If you can muster it, there's something amazing about being up early enough to see the day break. I feel like my day is so much longer if I'm up at the crack of dawn. This is especially nice in the winter, when the day plunges into darkness at 4:30 p.m. Knowing that I saw the sunrise that morning makes the shortened days so much easier to deal with, and makes them seem longer as well. It's a win, win.

4. Slapping On A New Lipstick

It's fun to spend a few minutes perusing all the colors of the lipstick aisle, and even more fun if you end up trying out a new shade. I just got a really dark plum lipstick that I wasn't sure about, but people are complimenting me on it left and right. Best $4 I've spent in a while, and I feel free darn fabulous to boot.

5. Melting Away In A Hot Bath

Showers are great, but nothing beats soaking in a tub. Make sure you have bubbles, candles, scented oils, and a good book to really bring it to the height of luxury.

6. Organizing Your Purse

Take a second to clean out your purse or backpack. Remove all those crunched up papers, food crumbs, and ticket stubs. You'll feel such joy the next time you look for your wallet, and (ta da!) it's right there.

7. Getting Caught In The Rain

Most of us take great pains to avoid getting wet when it rains. But if you don't have anywhere to be and it's not freezing outside, then do take a moment to run around outside. For some reason running around in the rain is incredibly exhilarating.

8. Dancing In Your Underwear

It may sound like an '80s movie cliche, but dancing in your underwear is totally fun. We've all done it, and can attest to how freeing and hilarious it is. We should all do it more often.

9. Chilling On A Bench

It doesn't get much simpler than sitting. And yet we rarely do just that. We'll sit on trains as we commute, and we'll sit at our desk all day at work, but usually we're super busy the whole time. So the next time you have a free minute, go park it on a bench. Do some people watching or look at the clouds, but try not to do much else. You'll see how incredibly relaxing it is.

Simple pleasures are the best because they are just that — simple.

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