Lucy Hale & Her Boyfriend Are The Cutest

Pretty Little Liars fans, forget about Ezria for a moment (I know, it's difficult), because I have something important to discuss. You know, like the fact that Lucy Hale and her boyfriend Anthony Kalabretta make a really cute couple. If you follow Hale on Instagram, then you know every now and again she'll share a picture of herself and her beau. In pretty much all of the pics, the two can't help but be adorable, no matter where they are or who they're with. Seriously, Hale and Kalabretta are giving Ezria a run for their money.

The 26-year-old has yet to comment about her relationship, but there really is no need for one. If you're a believer in "a picture is worth a thousand words," that definitely pertains to all of Hale's Instagrams with her musician boyfriend. It's easy to tell that they have only have eyes for each other and love spending time together. Whether they're vacationing in Hawaii or sitting on a couch or sharing a passionate kiss, Hale and Kalabretta continue to prove that they're madly in love.

Don't believe me? Then, take a moment to take a look at these six photos, so I can prove you wrong. If you need more evidence, Hale has shared many more images of her man that are cute, too. Surprise, surprise.

1. When Lucy Missed Anthony

I really can't take the adorableness.

2. When They Were Foodies

What do you think they're favorite restaurant is? I'm going with Chipotle, because, duh.

3. When Lucy Scolded Canada

And here I thought Canada was the nice country.

4. When They Were At The "Cat Chicken Corner"

I have no idea what this means, but the picture is super cute.

5. When They Were All Vintage

Those sepia tones do them well.

6. When They Showed Some PDA

Yeah, they're in love.

Here's hoping Ezria fans get this much love from Aria and Ezra when Pretty Little Liars returns in January.