9 Mysteries 'Pretty Little Liars' Season 6B Has To Solve When It Airs

Pretty Little Liars finally pressed the reset button on a mystery that fans have been obsessed with since the police discovered not-really-Alison's body in the DiLaurentis' yard all those years ago: With the end of Season 6A, the show finally gave us the answer to all our biggest questions, like who hit Ali with that rock, how Bethany got mistaken for Ali, and, of course, who was hiding under the hoodie as Big A. Now that we all know Charlotte DiLaurentis is the person who has been stalking and torturing the girls for years — as well as the person who was the catalyst behind most of the events of "That Night" — you would think that the mystery in Rosewood would be as over as all of the outfits that Hanna wore in Season 1. But this is Pretty Little Liars — the mysteries are never over. And from here on out, the train is running at full speed ahead with plenty of mysteries to solve in when PLL returns for Season 6B in January.

Charlotte (the woman formerly known as Big A) may be spending her days in a mental institution, but that doesn't mean that someone else isn't causing serious problems for the Liars. As seen during the finale's brief flash forward, a new person — this time, a "him" — is after the girls, and that's just one question mark that we have for Season 6B.

Here are all of the mysteries we still have to untangle when Pretty Little Liars returns:

1. Who Is The "He" After Ali?

Showrunner I. Marlene King hasn't confirmed the actual gender of the new Big Bad, but right now, the girls believe it is a "he" who is after them. Could it be Wren, everyone's favorite suspect for Big A?

2. Who Killed Mrs. DiLaurentis?

Let's be honest: Mrs. DiLaurentis won't exactly be missed very much. She taught all of her children that lying was a means of survival and had no issue throwing an innocent person under the bus in order to save her own skin. It's not very surprising that Mrs. DiLaurentis eventually got buried the way she buried Ali: this woman makes enemies a lot easier than friends.

3. What Is The Significance Of The N.A.T. Club?

Ian, Garrett, and Jason were all part of the club, and they made "home movies" that were anything but innocent. It seems that the N.A.T. Club doesn't connect to the Big A mystery (except for the fact that Jason just so happens to be Big A's younger brother) but they may connect to the person who is really trying to hurt the girls after the time jump.

4. Who Is Beach Hottie?

The girls thought that the person that got Ali pregnant was Detective Wilden (vomit) but now that Charlotte's credibility has been called into question, I'm not so sure we can assume that's true. Ali was clearly threatened by this guy, so it's very possible that he's still after her in some way. Could Beach Hottie turn into Big A?

5. Will The Girls Ever Get In Trouble For "Killing" Shana?

Yeah, so, remember how Aria whacked Shana in New York, which led to her death? That plot point was dropped rather quickly, considering someone actually died. Could the Shana thing be a part of the central mystery going forward, or will Shana's family never truly find out what happened to their daughter?

6. Why Did Sara Help Charlotte?

Sara certainly displayed signs of PTSD after leaving the dollhouse, but was it just good acting on her part or was she not a totally willing accomplice to Charlotte's crimes? Sara certainly seemed sinister in those flashbacks where she was acting as Red Coat and Black Widow... but there has to be more to this story, right?

7. What Company Is Caleb Working For In New York?

It seems secretive and super lucrative, which makes me think that it has to be some extremely evil corporation. Could Caleb's new job be the reason that Caleb and Hanna broke up?

8. Is Charlotte Still A Threat?

Just because Big A says "game over" doesn't mean the game is actually over, right? As the promos for the new season tell us, Charlotte may be released from the mental facility she has been in for five years — but has she really given up on the game?

9. Who Dies In The New Season?

According to King's interview with MTV News, the catalyst for the new Big Bad to start tormenting the girls is a death. In other words, someone will die in the new season — and if Charlotte isn't a threat to the girls, my money is on her as Pretty Little Liars ' latest victim. Watch your back, girl.

We may know who A is, but Pretty Little Liars wouldn't be Pretty Little Liars without lots of questions to answer and mysteries to solve. These nine mysteries may be what we started out with, but something tells me that we'll get a whole lot more by the time Season 6B comes to a close.

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