How To DIY Acorn Emoji Thanksgiving Place Cards

The holidays are known for delicious meals and mouthwatering pies. In order to properly honor the tasty greatness of each meal, try making your own DIY Thanksgiving place cards. Not only do they set the mood for your fall decor, but they're great for assigning seats. Since, you know, Aunt Mary and cousin Frank should never sit next to each other.

In the interest of keeping things sassy and fun, I present you with the best set of DIY place cards you've ever seen: acorn emojis. Equal parts seasonal and cute, these little guys are the farthest thing from ordinary. The best part is that you can choose emojis based on your guests' personalities. I have to admit, this part is half the fun. The rest is fairly easy, even for the novice crafters out there.

These DIY place cards can be made in a few different ways, so be sure to read the entire tutorial before starting. Afterward, make a note to scoop up some acorns on your next autumn walk or hike. Don't forget to snag a few extra, just in case! These acorn emojis are so darn cute that there's a good chance you'll want to call dibs on setting the Thanksgiving dinner table. Bet you never saw that coming.


- Acorns- Fine-tip marker- Toothpicks - Washi or masking tape- Scrap cardboard- Yellow spray paint - Red and black acrylic paint*- Hot glue gun- Scrap paper

*Depending on the emojis you want to create, you may also need pink, white, and/or light blue. Double check your favorite emojis before starting this project!

1. Remove the top from each acorn.

2. Optional: Before spray painting the acorns, add loops of tape to the scrap cardboard. This is useful for holding acorns in place, top side down. However, since acorns tend to be oddly shaped, this may or may not work for your batch of acorns. If not, simply spray paint one side of the acorns. Once they're completely dry, roll them over and spray paint the other side.

3. Spray paint the topless acorns yellow. Leave to dry completely.

4. Once dry, hot glue the caps back on.

5. Using the marker, draw the outline for your emoji faces. This will serve as a guide before you bring the paint in.

6. Using the toothpick and a light dose of paint, finish the emoji faces. Use the marker for thinner details and lines.

Hesitant about working with acrylic paint? You can opt for fine tip Sharpie markers instead.

7. Write each name on a piece of paper. Hot glue an acorn emoji to each one.

Better yet, match up each guest to an emoji that best suits their personality. Your friends and family will be sure to get a kick out of it!

And just like that, you've created an adorably hilarious set of DIY Thanksgiving place cards.

For more Thanksgiving ideas, check out Bustle on YouTube.

Images: Kirsten Nunez