Ryan Gosling Will Star In 'Blade Runner 2'

In news everyone should get incredibly excited about, it's been confirmed that Ryan Gosling will star in Blade Runner 2 , the long-awaited sequel to the Harrison Ford starring, Ridley Scott directed sci-fi masterpiece. Rumors that Gosling might star as the the film's lead character have been rife for months now, so it's a bit of a relief to get confirmation that he will, in fact, be in the movie. And might I say, Gosling is every bit as attractive as the star of the first film Harrison Ford, so this alone makes him worthy of the part (I'm a bad person, I know). Ford will co-star in the sequel, and excitement for Blade Runner 2 is substantially growing. In fact, Gosling, in a recent interview with Collider said, "It's exciting!" It is, Ryan Gosling, it really is.

Gosling is the perfect choice to star in the new Blade Runner for so many reasons. Not only is he an all-round amazing person who's inspired a million Hey Girl memes, he's also a writer and film director who realized his vision with the stunning movie Lost River . As a new dad, Gosling's made my heart swell, and news that he changes diapers has convinced me he is maybe the perfect man. Here are some more reasons that Ryan Gosling will be amaze in the new Blade Runner.

1. He Can Fight

Not that Ryan Gosling has to prove anything to anyone, but the man can fight, and this will serve him well in the Blade Runner sequel.

2. He'll Bring A New Audience To The Franchise

Gosling is popular with audiences everywhere, but his being in a science fiction movie will definitely encourage fans of The Notebook to check out a genre they might not have before, and that's got to be a good thing.

3. He Can Act Opposite Anyone Or Anything

Sci-fi will pose no problem for Gosling. Remember when his girlfriend was played by a blow-up doll in Lars and the Real Girl? He's the consummate professional.

4. He's Meme-Worthy

Blade Runner is completely iconic, so what better person to play the new lead than the man who's spawned a million memes? It's going to be gif-central when the film comes out.

5. Dedication

He's dedicated to me *ahem* I mean to his audience, and his intensity is one of the reasons he has quite so many fans. His performance in Drive is undoubtedly why he was first considered for the part in Blade Runner, as he was totally bad-ass in that movie, and pulled off the futuristic attire and retro soundtrack.

6. He's Awesome, OK?

If you disagree, who even are you? Get out!

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