10 Cute And Easy Thanksgiving Place Card Ideas

Thanksgiving is all about friends, family, and food... lots of it. What better way to honor that delicious grub than with some amazing Thanksgiving place card holders? They basically set the tone for the entire holiday. We're talking about everything from emphasizing decor to keeping peace at the dinner table. After all, there are just some people who should not sit next to each other. I know you know what I mean.

To keep things fun and budget-friendly, consider crafting your own holiday decor. Not only will your guests be super impressed, but you can call the shots from beginning to end. Basically, everything can look exactly how you want. That's the awesome thing about DIY — you can make absolutely whatever your heart desires. Your dinner, your rules.

Place cards are especially useful when you really want to decorate, but don't have the space for it. They're a clever, small way to dress up a small space for Thanksgiving.

In the interest of helping you host an easy Thanksgiving dinner, I scoured the web for simple (and cute!) place card projects. Your best bet is to whip these up ahead of time for a less stressful holiday. However, because all of these projects require only a few supplies, you can totally pull them off at the last minute. Happy crafting!

1. Geometric Glitter

If you're a fan of sparkle and shine, you'll adore this easy glitter place card project. Aside from being totally budget-friendly, this idea is excellent for adding a heavy dose of festive cheer to the dinner table. You can even use them for other holidays, New Year's Eve included. It's a win-win.

To make your own, check out the tutorial by Pam Garrison (inspired by Flax and Twine).

2. Metallic Clothespins

Looking for a quick project to cure that crafting itch? Try your hand at these budget-friendly clothespin place card holders. The bulk of this DIY involves spray painting wooden clothespins with a layer of shimmery metallic paint. Once that's dry, it's super easy to attach faux berries and a name card. Feel free to coordinate the colors to match your existing decor.

For the full run-down, visit Censational Girl. You'll find two more coordinating decor projects in the same post, too.

3. Acorn Emojis

If you're hoping to amp up the fun factor at Thanksgiving dinner, look no further. These acorn emoji place cards are the perfect marriage of everything adorable and creative. The best part is that you can match up each guest with their appropriate emoji, based on his or her personality.

To set the most perfect dinner table ever, check out this Acorn Emoji Place Card tutorial, exclusively at Bustle.

4. Corn

Instead of serving candy by itself, try taking on a more clever route. This adorable corn favor project is the perfect example. Complete with kraft paper "stalks," this idea is both sweet and simple. As long as the candy features warm, autumn-themed colors, you'll be all set. Reese's Pieces, anyone?

Learn how to make them at Shaken Together.

5. Thankful Place Cards

In an effort to remember what Thanksgiving is all about, give these blank place cards a spin.This one is a perfect activity for both kids and adults alike. And can we just talk about those mini pencils? Too. Cute.

Make them in time for Turkey Day with some help from The Crafting Chicks.

6. K-Cup Pilgrim Hats

Alright, can we just talk about how cute these are? These mini pilgrim hats are made with none other than recycled K-Cups. Not only are they charming as heck, but they're a great way to recycle. Mother Nature would be proud.

To make your own little pilgrim accessories, visit Craft Test Dummies. Who knows, you might even use them as place card holders.

7. Glitter Top Pumpkins

While we're talking about miniature things, let's take a look at these little pumpkin place card holders. Made with just a few supplies and easy techniques, this project is the perfect way to put that pumpkin haul to good use. As always, you can choose a glitter that coordinates with your decor or theme.

Click on over to Oh My! Creative to learn how to make them.

8. Burlap and Glitter

Thanksgiving is one of the best holidays to embrace rustic elements such as burlap and wood. These beginner-friendly place cards happen to incorporate those two things. The festive element is turned up a few notches thanks to the sprinkling of glitter.

While the original project uses a machine to create the paper leaves, you can always cut them out with colored card stock. Craft stores often sell pre-cut paper shapes in the scrap booking section, too.

Check out Typically Simple for the full tutorial.

9. Tissue Paper Pumpkins

If you want to use pumpkins but prefer something that will last forever, consider making these tissue paper versions. Simply choose a paper in a color that fits your style, and have at it. Between the real dried leaves and the folded tissue paper, these guys will add major texture and dimension to your dinner table.

Visit Design Dining Diapers to learn how to make them.

10. Clay Bowls

For something less season-specific, make a set of clay bowl place card holders. These babies can be used all year round thanks to the super simple and chic design. The varied placement of metallic paint also adds an offbeat, eye-catching element.

Not feeling the gold? Pick a color that fits the details of your dinner party.

To learn how to make these clay bowl place card holders, pay a visit to Alice and Lois.

For more Thanksgiving ideas, check out Bustle on YouTube.

Images: Pam Garrison; Censational Girl; Kirsten Nunez; Shaken Together; The Crafting Chicks; Craft Test Dummies; Oh My! Creative; Oh My! Creative; Typically Simple; Design Dining Diapers; Alice and Lois