What Info Are We Getting From The 'PLL' Special?

Is it just me or has it felt like years since Pretty Little Liars revealed that it was Cece behind the black hoodie? In reality it's only been two months since the Big A shocker, but being away from Rosewood certainly does make the time drag on. Thankfully, ABC Family is taking us back to Rosewood with a fall special that should hold fans over until the second half of Season 6 starts up again on Jan. 12. The episode, which airs on Tuesday, Nov. 24, will clue fans in on the five-year time jump and what the girls have been up to since they said a temporary farewell to one another after high school graduation. Now, TVLine reports that we're getting lots of details about the new season of PLL within the episode — but while some information will totally excite fans, some spoilers may bum us out royally.

According to the Season 6B promos, Spencer, Aria, Hanna, and Emily have lived a seemingly peaceful existence away from Rosewood and A's watchful eye for the past five years. They've also gone through plenty of changes: the series will pick up a year after college, which means that the girls are no longer students and are instead residents of the Real World. So what information about their new lives will we be shocked to discover? Here's a rundown of the things that TVLine says we'll find out, and how we'll likely feel about them:

EXCITED: Finding Out What The Liars' Jobs Are

We got hints of what the Liars would be doing when the show returned in the promo, and it seemed pretty much exactly what you would expect. Aria works in publishing, Spencer has a job in D.C., and Hanna is a jet-setting fashionista. As for Emily, she seems to be working at a tiki bar, though it's very unclear why. I'm excited to find out how all of them got to where they are, but I'm especially curious about Emily, who seems less than thrilled about making Mai Tais.

BUMMED: Seeing The New Sets

As happy as I am to see Pretty Little Liars changing things up for the new season, I'll miss sets like Radley and Spencer's old bedroom. They were PLL staples!

BUMMED: Learning About Hanna's New Love Interest

Caleb and Hanna have broken up and gotten back together so many times that I was sure they would stay endgame despite the time jump. Now it seems that Hanna has a new love interest, and it's so serious that they're planning a wedding. Non-Haleb nuptials?! What fresh hell is this?!?

EXCITED: Seeing Two Unaired Scenes

It's unclear whether these unaired scenes will be scenes from previous seasons that didn't make it to the final cut or if they will be scenes from Season 6B, but either way, yay!

BUMMED/EXCITED: Meeting Aria's New Beau

Aria has a love interest in Season 6B, and it's not her former teacher. Ezria has always been a pretty polarizing couple, so while you may be sad to see that these two are no longer an item (though I suppose they also weren't an item in the finale?) you also might be excited to see that Aria has moved on. Personally, I'm the latter — even if it would finally be appropriate for these two to be together.

EXCITED: Finding Out How The Moms Got Out Of The Basement

That's been an even bigger question mark than A's identity, let's be real.

Tune in to the November special to see what other surprises this show has in store. It's definitely one way to combat post PLL depression.

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