Are Jennifer Lopez & Casper Smart Back Together?

To be fair, even for someone who literally writes about celebrities for a living (that would be me), Jennifer Lopez and Casper Smart's relationship can be confusing, mysterious, and appropriately summed up in about seven words (and one question): "Are Jennifer Lopez and Casper Smart together?"

The couple, who dated for three years before splitting in June 2014, appear to be very much back together, wearing matching Halloween costumes, going on vacation together, and even kissing on set at American Idol. I mean, either Lopez and Smart are the two closest exes that the world has ever seen (and based on J. Lo's past relationships, this is an actual possibility), or there's something undeniably romantic about the nature of their relationship. And call me a hopeless romantic, but I'm inclined to believe that the two are more than just friends.

First of all, both parties' Instagram accounts are literally exploding with evidence. To be fair, it's not like they have photos captioned with lovey-dovey things about each other, but they are certainly not hiding the fact that they're spending a hell of a lot of time together. One scroll through J. Lo or Smart's Insta and you'll find everything from a Wedding Crashers Dubsmash to vacation pics to couples costume Halloween pics and more. It's like a goldmine out there.

And then there is the fact that the two were photographed kissing on the set of American Idol back in March, even though Lopez succinctly told E! News at the time that she is "single right now; thank you." But just a few months later, in May, the site was reporting that Lopez and her beau were actually back together — not surprising, you know, considering they also vacationed together (with her kids!) in April.

While their 'grams alone are enough evidence to convince pretty much anyone that the two are an item, Lopez and Smart have also gone on some pretty public dates, as well. And by that I mean most recently as this weekend the two took in a concert together in West Hollywood, reports the New York Post, while in October, they dressed up as matching skeletons for Heidi Klum's 2015 Halloween party. The evidence is SCREAMING.

The two may be playing coy on their "are they or aren't they?" relationship — Smart told E! in March that the two are "very good friends" — but what's that expression about pictures speaking a thousand words or something. In all seriousness, even if the two aren't officially back together, they're certainly (adorably) close — and hey, even for friends, that's pretty impressive. Hats off to you, Casper Smart and Jennifer Lopez.