You Can Already See Kimye Baby 2 As An Adult...

by Daniela Cabrera

Well, Season 11 of Keeping Up the Kardashians has kicked off and Kardashian baby fever is in full swing. Momma Kim Kardashian's trials and tribulations with her second pregnancy have been documented for all the world to see, but they are now all over as Kardashian has given birth to her baby boy! It is no secret that Kardashian really hated being pregnant because all of her health issues, so it must have been a huge relief when baby number two was born. Now that the new baby is here (he was born on the morning of Saturday, Dec. 5), it is a day for Kardashian fans to celebrate, as well, because everyone will soon meet North's little brother. Because curiosity always gets the best of me, and we can assume he is a cute baby, I wonder what will Kardashian and West's new baby boy look like as a grown up?

We already know that Kimye makes really beautiful children. North is quite possibly the cutest and sassiest celebrity baby and that is no surprise given who her parents are. There is no doubt that North will grow up to be a beautiful young woman and the baby boy will be no different. Using some very advanced technology on the Internet, there have been some guesses as to how North's brother will look like as a baby, but what about when he grows up?

Look no further. I am here to use my highly scientific Internet skills to find the best generator that will tell us what Baby Boy West will look like when he's older. Will he be in the music business? Maybe. Will he be as cute as North? Probably.

Because I am not a psychic, I have to rely on some outside sources to figure this mystery out. Using the trusted MorphThing generator, I used photos of Kardashian and West as adults to see a future adult baby and the results were... interesting:

Now, the problem I have with this generator is that you don't really have an option of choosing the gender, so it's just a mash up of both faces. Honestly, this doesn't look so bad because I can see how North could grow up to have some of these features. Baby number two would have some pretty fierce eyelashes and pouty lips if this is correct, but that's worked out very well for Harry Styles and Zayn Malik, so I don't think he will have an issue in the looks department.

I wanted to try one other generator to get a very well-rounded report and hypothesis on an adult baby Kimye, so I went on over to in20years.com, which promised an age progression of either 20 or 30 years on a photo you upload. I grabbed the photo from MorphThing of "Kardashian and West's baby" and popped it into the generator to get this:

Ummm. I actually hope I don't see you in 20 years. Why does this face look so old? I think this site fails the test because I refuse to believe 20-year-old baby West will look like Lionel Richie.

Anyway, it seems like the Kardashian-West family is ecstatic about their newest member, and we will no doubt see their two adorable babies — real babies, not creepy morphed faces — grow up before our eyes.

Image: Giphy; Morph Thing; In20Years