'The Flash' Will Help Hawkman & Hawkgirl Reconnect

The CW is having a grand old time, inviting more and more classic DC superheroes and villains to the multi-series party. Most recently, The Flash set up Kendra Saunders, aka Hawkgirl, part of the core ensemble in the upcoming spinoff, Legends Of Tomorrow. The promotional materials for that show have Kendra in full Hawkgirl regalia, standing regally next to Carter Hall, aka Hawkman. Legends Kendra seems like a far cry from the barista Cisco met and wooed at Jitters. And her acceptance of Cisco's advances hinted to there being no Hawkman in her life just yet, or at least not in a romantic kind of way. The connection between Hawkgirl and Hawkman has to be established before Legends Of Tomorrow if that series is going to hit the ground running, and The Flash piece of this week's crossover event should establish them as super-partners.

I have to admit that I'll be glad when Legends Of Tomorrow is finally chugging away as its own series. The Flash and Arrow have been bogged down with Legends exposition this year, though it's a duty that both shows carry out valiantly. I'm just looking forward to everyone getting back to doing their own thing, whether that's checking the references of Earth-2's Harrison Wells or Oliver Queen strutting down the campaign trail. This hyped-crossover event will be where a lot of the references and hints come together to introduce the Legends team and their mission, including the meeting (or rather, the reuniting) of Kendra and Carter. It's all happening.

In this preview clip for Tuesday's episode of The Flash, a captured Carter figuratively reaches out to Kendra to explain that not only do they know each other but, in fact, they've known each other for thousands of years. Hawkman and Hawkgirl were born Prince Khufu and Princess Chay-Ara of Egypt, respectively, and they've lived hundreds of other lives in an endless cycle of reincarnation. "We're drawn to each other in each life, and after we die, we reincarnate to find each other again and again and again..." the man occasionally known as Carter Hall says to her. He also desribes their ancient stand-off with Vandal Savage, the big bad of Legends Of Tomorrow.

That's a lot to take in from a guy Kendra's just met. (And come on, writers. Can my sweet, cinnamon roll Cisco Ramon ever get a real girlfriend? Like one who's not a thief his own team is trying to stop or bound throughout eternity to someone else?) Kendra's reaction to Carter's explanation has me wondering why she doesn't remember her real identity when he clearly has no trouble. Kendra was in Central City for the singularity; did it somehow wipe her memory of her past lives? And if she truly can't remember her former selves, then how will Carter be able to convince her to stay with him?

I expect that The Flash and Arrow crossover event will answer these questions and more, to give Legends Of Tomorrow even more of a pre-premiere boost. That's what super friends are for.

Image: Cate Cameron/The CW