7 Things To Buy For Your College Apartment

While college is pretty much the best time ever, figuring out what things to bring to college, especially if you live in your own apartment, can be a bit tricky. I hold no regrets about my college years, but if I could have my time over again there is one thing I would do differently: invest in gorgeous homewares to take with me into post–college life. My university was about seven hours away from my hometown and I couldn't bring many creature comforts. In my first year this wasn't a problem as my dorm room had basic furniture, which is all you need when you spend most of your first year partying.

However, in the second year I moved into an apartment with some friends. At the time I bought cheap bits and bobs which could be easily replaced and to be honest, as a fashion journalism student I would have rather spent my hard earned money from bar work on luxurious magazines for "research purposes," than invest it in beautiful homewares. I moved back home after graduating and when it came time for my fiancé and I to fly the coop (again), we were left with a raggle–taggle selection of basic pieces. We lived with bare walls and an apartment lacking personality for quite some time until we accumulated interesting pieces that showed off our personalities – this is still a work in progress.

In order to pave the way for future you, here is a selection of wonderful homeware items that you could invest in and use while at college, that will also see you into adulthood.

1. A Quirky Side Table

Lacquered Bead Side Table, $168,

The key to buying furniture while at college is to think: Can I fit this into the back of my parents' car or worst case scenario, can I carry it on public transportation? So the trick is to pick small yet stunning pieces which you can easily transport back home or to your next non-college pad. These side tables are delightful and come in a range of colors to suit any room.

2. The Beautiful Storage Solutions

Mini Labo Porcelain Storage Jar, approx. $8,

While at college pretty storage jars can be used to add a splash of color to your otherwise usually grim dorm room and can be used to store anything from cotton wool pads to pens. Then when you get your own place, you can use them in any room of the house from the bathroom to the kitchen.

3. The Wall Organizer

Reclaimed Wood Chalkboard, $49,

Never miss a deadline or forget your keys again! You can use this organizer for storing items which you use everyday so you don't forget them on your way out and also for writing down notes to remember for later. IMO, everyone should have one of these no matter what stage of life they're at.

4. Luxury Bedsheets

Peach Silk Bed Sheets, $149+,

One of my favorite, little luxuries is getting into lovely, beautiful, clean bedsheets. I made the bad decision of picking very cheap bedsheets for my time at university and they didn't last very long. It's a fair point to say that you might not wish to bring your college bedsheets along with you after you graduate, as you may have some memories attached to them that you'd rather forget. So buy your thrifty bedding for the everyday but invest in one set of really good quality bedding for the times when you feel like you're missing home. All you have to do is snuggle up with a cup of cocoa and your favorite book or a movie and you'll feel right at home again.

5. The Desk Organization Collection

Bestiary Desk Collection, $18 – $38,

When it comes to deadline time or exam season, you're going to need some storage solutions for all of your notes, pens, and important documents. This set with little beastly feet is so quirky yet highly functional. Plus, they'll all come in handy when filing your bills or creating an office space in your future home.

6. The Glass Carafe

Glass Carafe, $18,

This glass carafe will almost completely eliminate the risk of bumping into a hot roommate in the middle of the night in your My Little Pony pajamas. It'll also be great for super study sessions when you're too busy cramming to even go and get yourself a drink. Carafes make your life so much easier — I mean who would willingly drag themselves out of bed at 3 a.m. to get a glass of water when they can just reach over to their night stand?

7. The Laundry Bin On Wheels

Medium Mobile Canvas Bin, $198,

Now this little gem could quite possibly be the best of the bunch. This wheeled canvas bin is a laundry hero. It ensures you will never drop a pair of panties in the hallway again, plus you can use it on moving day to ferry things to and from your vehicle when you're moving into your new pad.

Feel ready to redecorate your whole space? Me too.

Images: Courtesy Brands (7)