10 Sexy Gifts To Give Your Partner

‘Tis the season to be jolly and, of course, give and receive presents. However, the presents I’m thinking about are not for kids. Oh no; not at all. I’m talking about the type of a gifts that are bound to make you blush, but in a good way. Yes, I’m talking sexy holiday gifts.

Whether you choose to get your partner a sexy gift with which they can roll solo (a new vibrator!), or something that you two can use together (a couple’s vibrator!), the holidays are a great time of year to get a little sexy in your gift giving. Why? Because we’re about to head into one hell of a winter and depending on the whether or not we’re hit with yet another Polar Vortex, you and your partner may be your only reliable source of heat! Obviously, this means sexy gifts should be at the top of your list. Of course, you can get your partner a sweater, too, because “Brrrr,” things are about to get really cold outside.

When it comes to sexy gift giving, it might be difficult to know where to start. But have no fear; I can help you with that. Here are 10 sexy gifts to give your partner (or yourself!) this holiday season.

1. L. Holiday Kit

L. Holiday Kit, $35

L. Condoms are the condoms that give in more ways than one. Not only do they make safe sex a pleasurable experience, but for every condom sold one condom is distributed in a country in the developing world where access to condoms isn’t always easy. L’s Holiday Kit includes a pack of 12 L. Condoms, a C*nt Coloring Book (which I’d love to have, honestly), and a felt mistletoe. It’s basically everything you could want in a sexy holiday gift… and who hasn’t wanted to color a vagina bright blue? Or maybe I’m alone in that one.

2. We-Vibe 4 Plus

We-Vibe 4 Plus, $179

When Bustle talked to Babeland’s co-founder, Claire Cavanah, about the most popular vibrators at the store, one of my personal favorites was on the list: We-Vibe 4 Plus. The We-Vibe 4 Plus has literally revolutionized how we have sex not just in the way it’s made, but in the fact that it’s a couple’s vibrator that allows partners to play with it together when they’re physically apart. It’s the perfect sexy gift idea for those long-distance couples.

3. Position Of The Day Expert Playing Cards

Position of the Day Expert Playing Cards , $7

If you’re thinking you’re not ready to buy your main squeeze a vibrator, because you’ve yet to go down that road with your partner, then maybe you should be a bit tame and go for a book ― a book about sex positions, naturally.

Thanks to the fine people over at, the Position of the Day Expert Playing Cards gives you 52 possible positions for you and your partner to give a try. Granted, there are 365 days a year, but considering these are expert level, it’s safe to assume you’ll need at least a couple tries (read: days) to get it right.

4. Sexy Truth Or Dare: Pick-A-Stick

Sexy Truth or Dare: Pick-A-Stick , $13

In keeping with the theme of maybe steering clear of any actual sex toys, you and your partner might find that a good ol’ fashioned game of Truth or Dare is exactly what you need. Each container has 50 sexy sticks imprinted with either a truth or ― wait for it ― a dare! Suddenly being snowed in long after the Christmas tree or Menorah comes down doesn’t sound so boring, does it?

5. Blow Job In A Box

Blow Job in a Box , $25

Whether you love to give blow jobs or aren’t all that crazy about them, the Blow Job in a Box is the perfect gift for the partner in your life who loves, you guessed it, blow jobs! Between the cock ring, tasty lube, and finger vibrator to tease and tantalize his perineum and balls with perfect stimulation, it makes giving blow jobs easier for those who aren’t too into them and even more exciting for those who loooove giving them.

6. Just In Case Compact

Just in Case Compact, $24

I actually got one of these a few years ago from a friend and I love it. The Just in Case Compact serves the usual purpose of a compact, but also has a very James Bond type of secret compartment so you can stash some condoms. If you and your partner practice safe sex, and you should, especially if you’re not into monogamy, then this is definitely the sexy gift to give ― or just give to yourself. Happy holidays, you!

7. Candy Apple Kink Set

Candy Apple Kink Set, $135

Interested in adding some kink to your sex life? Then the sexy gift for you to purchase for your partner (and for you) is the Candy Apple Kink Set. This set makes for a great intro to BDSM with its cuffs, paddle, and blindfold. Just make sure you come up with a safeword, before you get going. Remember: The most important components of BDSM are communication and consent.

8. Signature Aphrodisiac Cooking Class

Sex on the Table Cooking Class, $99

In case you’re looking for a sexy gift that lets you step outside the bedroom, then consider the gift of a cooking class ― an aphrodisiac cooking class! During the 90-minute class, you get to learn just how much food and love are intertwined (which should probably be quite evident if you’ve ever had a proper slice of pizza). Cooking together, then eating food that's going to get you all ready for bedroom later is probably the best foreplay out there, making this one of the sexiest of the sexy gifts on this list.

9. A Boudoir Photo Shoot

Shutter Bug Boudoir photo shoot, $600 and up

If you're feeling like you'd like to give your partner something by which to always remember you, even long after you've broken up, then give the gift of boudoir photos of you looking all hot in a bevy of sexy outfits, with professional makeup and hair to boot.

Bustle visited Shutter Bug Boudoir and had lots of fun with the shoot, noting just how powerful it is to take off your clothes and embrace your sexuality. If you don't think you're brazen enough to get in front of the camera, your partner might just welcome the gift of a boudoir shoot... then you get the photos. Either way, everyone wins with this sexy gift.

10. Babeland Beginner's Strap-On Set

Babeland Beginner's Strap on Set , $95

And bringing us back to the bedroom with the last sexy gift idea on the list is Babeland's Beginner's Strap-On Set, for those of you who really want to up your anal play game.

Pegging is becoming more mainstream and men are welcoming the idea of it more than ever. So if your partner likes to have their prostate stimulated, this gift is definitely the step in the right direction. It's also a great gift for lesbian and bisexual women, too!

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