'The Sims' 'Scream Queens' Episode 9: The Sim Red Devil Throws A Pool Party, Sim Chanel Yells At The Sim Kappas, & Rotten Breakfast Cake Makes A Cameo

Previously on The Sims Scream Queens: a dungaree-wearing teddy bear showed up on the Sim Kappas' doorstep; Sim Hester/Chanel #6 and Sim Chanel #2 suspected the mysterious teddy bear might be haunted; the Sim Red Devil decided that the mysterious teddy bear would be his minion; the Sim Red Devil #2 moved into the Sim Red Devil's lair; Sim Zayday ignored the invisible Sim as they wolfed down a plate of jam and toast. You can catch up on the previous installment of The Sims Scream Queens here .

After shining in the e-sky for two months, The Sims Scream Queenssun has decided to set. Yes, the finale is here. But before we get to it, I want to give a shoutout to the Sim Chanels, Sim Grace, Sim Zayday, the Sim Red Devil, and the other Sims who rounded out the Sim cast for letting me be a part of their Sim adventures. Their weird, clunky, and confusing adventures. Was fun, would do it again.

Are you ready to tuck into the action-packed, drama-packed, resolution-packed, fog-packed, spoiled breakfast foods-packed The Sims Scream Queens finale? OK, then. Let's make Sim Chanel proud and wrap up this season with a marabou feather bow.

Early One Morning, The Sim Kappas Congregated On The Balcony

Each Sim Kappa received the same text from an unlisted number:


The Sim Kappas assumed Sim Chanel was behind the message, so they didn't think twice about obliging. However, once everyone was out on the balcony, Sim Chanel assured them she had nothing to do with the text. She was as in the dark as they were. The Sim Kappas started to panic.

As The Sim Kappas Talked Amongst Themselves, Sim Chanel #5 Noticed Something On The Other Side Of The Door

"Um, guys," Sim Chanel #5 began, "there's someone here to see us."

The Sim Kappas Turned Around & Saw...

The mysterious teddy bear/Sim Red Devil #2!

& Then, The Sim Red Devil Crept Out Of The Shadows & Scooped Up Sim Red Devil #2

Once they realized that the Sim Red Devil had trapped them on the balcony, the Sim Kappas gasped in unison.

"Do not be alarmed," the Sim Red Devil purred. "I come in peace. I want to be your friend. This Sim Kappas versus Sim Red Devil battle is wearing me down. I've done some things I am not proud of, but I hope we can put those things behind us. I want to live in harmony."

The Sim Kappas blinked.

"The real enemy is the paparazzi," the Sim Red Devil declared. "We should join forces and thwart those pesky photogs. Do I know why they're skulking around the Sim Kappa house? No. But I do know that I don't like it."

The Sim Kappas blinked some more.

"Anyway, I want to invite you to a swimming soirée," the Sim Red Devil continued. "It's tomorrow night. It'll be here. At the house."

"But we don't have a pool," Sim Grace replied.

"IT WILL BE HERE. So be here or be... uh..." the Sim Red Devil struggled to find a rhyme. "Be here or be a dead deer."

The Sim Red Devil and the Sim Red Devil #2 scuttled away.

The Sim Kappas Gathered Around The Dining Table To Discuss The Sim Red Devil's Invitation

"We can't go to a Sim Red Devil party," Sim Zayday said. "It's totally a trap."

"I don't know, he seemed sincere," Sim Chanel #2 said. "But then again, it really isn't any of my concern."

"And why is that?" Sim Chanel snapped.

"Because I have to work tomorrow night," Sim Chanel #2 shrugged. "I'll miss the party. You guys will have to tell me all about it."

Sim Chanel Lost Her Cool

"I can't believe we let the Sim Red Devil trick us like that," Sim Chanel growled. "How did we fall for that dumb note? And since when is the teddy bear Team Sim Red Devil?!?"

No One Had Any Answers For Sim Chanel

And no one realized that the Sim Red Devil was eavesdropping from the next room.

"Fine. We'll go," Sim Chanel sighed.

"I think it'll be fun," Sim Hester/Chanel #6 said. "Sim Red Devil is an odd duck. I can't wait to see his weird version of a pool party."

That Afternoon, The Sim Red Devil Told The Sim Red Devil #2 That All Was Going According To Plan

"We'll be friends with them soon enough. Just you wait and see," the Sim Red Devil muttered to the Sim Red Devil #2/himself. "We might even get invited to Sim Chanel-O-Ween next year. And yes, I'm still butthurt about that."

The Sim Red Devil Placed Some Phone Calls

And with that, the party was all set.

Er, It Was Almost All Set

The Sim Red Devil stole a bike and rode into town. He had some serious shopping to do.

The Sim Red Devil Picked Up Some Party Supplies, Some Decorations, & Some Grub

He wasn't about to let this party fail. Not when befriending the Sim Kappas was on the line.

Meanwhile, The Invisible Sim Ate Some Rotten Waffles

Er, maybe those are pancakes? Let's just call it a plate of rotten breakfast cake.

A Swarm Of Flies Hovered Above The Horrendous Plate

And yet, the invisible Sim got their nosh on.

The Invisible Sim Inhaled An Entire Serving Of Rotten Breakfast Cake

And then, the invisible Sim stood up...

...& Cast An Invisibility Spell On The Dishes

Oh, great. Now we have an invisible Sim and two invisible dishes to worry about? This is getting to be too much.

Meanwhile, The Sim Red Devil Had Some Serious Work To Do

First, he had to clear out the Sim Chanel-O-Ween maze.

Next, It Was Time To Install The Swimming Pool

"The Sim Kappas are going to be thrilled," the Sim Red Devil told the Sim Red Devil #2/himself. "I mean, who doesn't want a swimming pool in their backyard?"

The Sim Red Devil Was Delighted With The Finished Product

"Do these trees scream 'pool party,' or what?" the Sim Red Devil grinned. The Sim Red Devil #2 did not reply.

"I love the fountains I picked out. And the pool decals. And the trees. Gosh, those trees are so bright and cheery. Perfect for a nighttime swimming get-together. Oh, I almost forgot the best detail..."

With That, The Sim Red Devil Turned On The Fog Machines

"Because what's a pool party without fog?"

Once The Backyard Renovation Was Complete, The Sim Red Devil Tested It Out The Only Way He Knew How

He went skinny dipping, natch.

The Next Morning, The Sim Red Devil's Stomach Was In Knots

"I'm so nervous about this party. What if it's a mess? What if no one shows up?" He faced a corner and took several deep breaths. "You've got this, Sim Red Devil. Just don't forget to stock the buffet table."

The Sim Red Devil #2 remained silent.

The Sim Red Devil Wasted No Time In Prepping Food For The Buffet Table

"They're going to fall in love with my cooking," the Sim Red Devil whispered as he dumped some dressing on a chopped salad, "and then they're going to fall in love with me."

Moments Before The Guests Arrived, The Sim Red Devil Lit The Firepit

"And now the festivities and friendships can begin!"

As Sim Chanel #2 Left For Work, Strangers Began To File In Through The Front Door

"Who are these people?" Sim Chanel #2 wondered.

Rather Than Stick Around & Find Out, Sim Chanel #2 Went To The Graveyard

"I hope the Sim Red Devil remembered to stock that buffet table," Sim Chanel #2 said.

The Sim Red Devil Waited For The Guests To Check Out The Backyard

"What's going on?" he mumbled. "I told everyone it was a swimming party. They should know to come outside."

Suddenly, The Fog Cleared...

...And Sim Dean Munsch emerged. Before the Sim Red Devil could tell her the party's outside, Sim Dean Munsch ran into the house.

Hoping To Lure Everyone To The Backyard, The Sim Red Devil Broke Out A Fishing Pole

"This will catchtheir attention," he grinned. "They will rush out here to see what's going on in no time."

Just as the Sim Red Devil cast a line into the swimming pool, Milton the paparazzo appeared. The Sim Red Devil almost dropped the fishing pole in the pool.

"If you're going to crash my party, can you at least tell me what's going on with the paparazzi?" the Sim Red Devil asked.

"You really want to know why they're after the Sim Kappa house?" Milton the paparazzo replied.

"YES!" the Sim Red Devil bellowed.

"OK, fine. I'll tell you."

"Late One Night," Milton The Paparazzo Began, "You Jolted Out Of Bed"

"Excuse me," the Sim Red Devil interjected. "Are you watching me sleep?"

"Are you going to let me tell the story, or no?"

"OK, fine. Continue, creepo."

"You Walked Over To Your Laptop & Signed Into A Paparazzi Message Board."

"I did what?"

"Well, here's the thing: You weren't actually awake. You were sleepwalking. And sleeptyping. And sleeptrolling."

"What did I do next?"

"You told all of the paparazzi to 'bug the bajazeesus' out of the Sim Kappas. You sent over a dossier on each Sim Kappa and everything."

"Why would I do that?"

"I dunno, man. You're a weird dude. Anyway, the paparazzi community ran with it."

"So It Was Me All Along?" the Sim Red Devil Asked With A Trembling Voice

"It was you all along," Milton the paparazzo replied.

The Sim Red Devil Tossed His Fishing Pole Into The Trees & Jumped Into The Pool Fully Clothed

"I can't believe it was me," the Sim Red Devil gasped. Tears began to form in his eyes. "Who am I? Am I really my own worst enemy?"

While The Sim Red Devil Had His Existential Crisis, Sim Chad & Sim Chanel #3 Enjoyed A Picnic In The Fog

"What's with the dead trees and the smoke?" Sim Chad asked. "This is a dumb pool party."

"It's beautiful," Sim Chanel #3 said as she chowed down on a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. "You just don't get the Sim Red Devil's vision."

After The Sim Red Devil Calmed Down, He Took A Peek Inside

"What's everyone doing in here?!" he yelled. "The party is outside!"

Initially, Gobias Was Not Interested

Ugh, classic Gobias.

But Eventually, Gobias & The Others Moseyed On Outside

However, no one went swimming at the pool party.

"This is such an odd party," Sim Gobias said.

"I'm hungry but I don't trust the food the Sim Red Devil made," Sim Chanel wailed.

The Sim Red Devil Tried To Convince The Guests To Go For A Swim

"Come on in," he cried out to the others. "The water is ice cold! It's perfect!"

Later That Evening, The Sim Red Devil Introduced Gobias To The Sim Red Devil #2

"Would you like to be the Sim Red Devil #3?" the Sim Red Devil asked.

Once Again, Gobias Was Not Interested

Ugh, classic Gobias.

After Gobias Left, The Party Wound Down

The Sim Red Devil #2 really knows how to close down a party.

The Next Morning, The Sim Red Devil Prepared A Batch Of Waffles For The Sim Kappas

"I'm sorry that my party was a bit of a bust. I thought I had the pool party thing down to a science. Live and learn, huh? Anyway, I made some apology waffles."

As Sim Grace, Sim Chanel #2, & The Sim Red Devil Got Their Grub On, Sim Chanel #2 Smelled Something

"Why does it stink like dirty dishes?" Sim Chanel #2 asked.

A Green Cloud Emanated From The Sim Red Devil's Chair

"Oops," the Sim Red Devil grimaced. "I tooted. My toots smell like dirty dishes."

"You call farts 'toots?'" Sim Grace cackled. "TOOTS?"

The Sim Red Devil turned an even darker shade of crimson. "Yes."

"That's so cute," Sim Chanel #2 said. "And hey, don't be embarrassed. What's friendship without a few farts?"

"I'm your... friend?" the Sim Red Devil whispered.

"Sure!" Sim Chanel #2 said. "If you let us visit the third floor lair, that is."

"Oh, no problem. Hey, if I'm your friend, will you tell me the going rate of a movie ticket?" the Sim Red Devil asked, a sly grin creeping across his clown paint-covered face.

"AUGH, don't push it, new buddy," Sim Chanel #2 hissed.

"I don't know what changed, but you seem to be a much nicer, less pranky dude these days," Sim Grace interjected. "I'd rather be your friend than your enemy. I mean, hey. You throw an... interesting party, you make an awesome waffle, and you brought the paparazzi problem to our attention. We gotta stick together!"

"Oh, about the paparazzi problem...." the Sim Red Devil began.


Images: The Sims 3/EA Games (43); Kristie Rohwedder/Bustle (43)