Farrah Abraham Claims James Deen Raped Her

When former 16 and Pregnant and Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham claimed that James Deen raped her, she became the ninth woman to accuse the porn star of assault. According to Abraham, Deen drugged, abused, and raped her. Although Deen has denied all allegations against him, it’s still hard not to wonder how many more women could come forward in the wake of Stoya's initial claim.

Abraham says that she and Deen dated briefly in 2013, and during that time, she claims that Deen was “abusive, pushy, and manipulative." According to Abrahams: “I let it all go and I wanted to move on; due to the public and others in the media believing an abusive womanizer, sex addict, disgusting, unprofessional, adult entertainer's lies.”

In 2013, Abraham made an adult film with Deen: Farrah Superstar: Backdoor Teen Mom. Here are five things to know about the film.

1. Farrah Superstar: Backdoor Teen Mom Was Marketed As A Leaked Tape

According to Abraham, the tape wasn’t meant to see the light of day:

“I was under the belief [that filming with Deen] would help better protect me and my privacy. I was like, 'If this guy is so professional, and everything is going to be fine, then I was like, ‘I'm happier with this choice.”

However, Deen has maintained that the tape was deliberately made to be sold, and the concept of it being leaked was something Abraham’s team came up with to increase buzz.

2. Abraham Claimed That Deen Deliberately Released The Tape To Ruin Her Career

In addition to claiming that the tape was not meant for public consumption, and was only something she made to celebrate her body and sexuality, Abraham has said that its release ruined her life. Although she promoted the video at the time of its release, making a reported $1 million dollars from Vivid Entertainment, she backtracked on those statements.

3. Abraham Later Claimed To Have Been Drugged And Raped

Although she didn’t name names at the time, Abraham alleged that she’d been drugged and raped after the making of the film. Now she claims that Deen was the perpetrator.

4. Abraham Made A Sequel

In 2014, Deen and Abraham made a sequel to Farrah Superstar: Backdoor Teen Mom, titled Farrah 2: Backdoor and More. Vivid Entertainment, which took issue with how Farrah denied the legitimacy of the first tape, marketed the second one with: “… Sociopath liar Farrah Abraham has a second (a second!) sex tape coming out quite quickly, and this time, it's no 'fake' 'leak' – it's the real, raw, ridiculous deal, and it suits Farrah's underhanded personality herself."

5. Abraham Eventually Admitted That The Tape Was Real

On an episode of Couples Therapy in February 2014, Abraham came clean about the “leaked” sex tape, "I signed some sh*t away that I'm f*cking against and I can't even talk about it because I signed this huge f*cking contract."

Abraham has since left the porn world behind. In 2014, she released a song called "Blowin'" as well as a music video.

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