Calculate How Much Your Spare Time Is Worth Using This Handy Quiz

Thought it might not seem like we have a lot of time outside of our busy lives, if we really took the time to break it down and look at how we spend our waking hours, we might realize that we do. Have you ever really thought about how much spare time you have and how much your spare time is worth? How much time do you spend on tasks that can be completed by other people? In what way would delegating your tasks save you time and money? What types of activities are worth your time and money?

These might not be questions you ask yourself on a regular basis, maybe because you don't even have the time to consider these ideas. Well, the Norwegian task service company FINN has created an online test that will help you answer those questions. The test takes only a minute or two and comprehensibly breaks down the value of your spare time. It makes personalized suggestions based on your results to help you decide what tasks are worth your efforts and what tasks are appropriate to outsource.

The site helps connect people with a variety of services ranging from gardening to carpeting and every odd task in between. While you can't actually use the site's services unless you live in Oslo, you can still take the service hints they provide and find them elsewhere, like good ol' Craigslist. Take a peek at the quiz here and then check our your own results:

How Do You Spend Your Time?

The first thing you need to figure out is how much time you spend working, sleeping and doing nothing. Getting these percentages squared away is the first step to understanding the value of your spare time.

Would You Rather?

The next step is to think about how much time you are willing to spend in order to get something for free. When you determine your limits, you can see whether you value time over money.

How Much Do You Make?

How much money you make each month is obviously a huge factor in evaluating your time.

What's Your Comfort Level?

This part of the quiz asks you to name the maximum price you'd spend on a cab to get home if the bus you were planning to take was massively delayed. What you're willing to spend to save time is important.

My spare time is worth about $50 an hour. Which basically means, my time means A LOT. How much is your spare time worth?

Images: FINN (4); Pixabay