6 Reasons Yolanda Will Be Just Fine

by Marenah Dobin

It's really been killing me to watch this season of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Yolanda Foster is my favorite Housewife and it is just way too much for me to see the other ladies attacking her appearance and questioning her health problems. It is so clear that she is suffering with her the effects of her Lyme disease diagnosis, so I find it really disheartening that the RHOBH women are really doubting her. It has also recently been announced that Yolanda and David Foster are separating. Yolanda has health problems, marriage problems, and work problems (if you count the Real Housewives as her coworkers). My heart is hurting and I feel so bad for my girl, but at the end of the day, I feel like there are plenty of reasons Yolanda is going to be just fine.

It may seem like the 51-year-old reality star is down for the count with so many obstacles in her way these days, but her loyal fans know that she is strong enough to make it through anything. Even with all of drama, Yolanda has a lot going for her, from her positive attitude, to the love she receives from her children, to her willingness to try new treatments for Lyme disease. Yolanda is going to be OK, and here's why.

1. She Is A Positive Thinker

Yolanda is always looking at the glass half full, no matter how much metaphorical wine is actually in it. She always believes that things can get better and is not afraid to share her optimism with others. This may be a rocky time for the mother of three, but she will definitely come out of it stronger than before.

2. She Has A Supportive Family

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Yolanda is very close with her three children Gigi, Bella, and Anwar Hadid. We have also seen her strong bond with her mother and ex-husband Mohammed Hadid on RHOBH. In all honesty, I feel like she will end up being close with David Foster once the split is done. She has a lot of love around her and I'm sure that means a lot to her.

3. She Has Good Karma

No matter what happens, Yolanda tries to handle herself with class and be kind to others. She's not a pushover by any means, but she always tries to respond to negativity with optimism and treat others the way she wants to be treated. She is a very giving person and a loyal friend who will hopefully have a change in luck soon.

4. She Never Gives Up

Yolanda has been traveling the world trying out different treatments to combat Lyme disease. She has tried everything she can and has not stopped trying to spread awareness about the prevalence and effects of the illness. With a persistent attitude like this, I am sure that Yolanda will be able to push through.

5. She Doesn't Indulge In Drama

Yolanda knows that there is more to life than arguing at dinner parties or gossiping about how her cast mates look without makeup on. She has no qualms defending herself when she is attacked, but she is not the type of person to fan the flames or get dragged down by petty drama. She focuses on what is important, which is a great trait to have during rough times.

6. She Is Smart

Yolanda is a smart cookie. She refuses to dumb herself down and she is always trying to learn something new, especially when it comes to her illness. Yolanda knows that there is always more to learn in life and this openness will definitely help her get through the storm.

It may seem like the chips are stacked against her, but our girl is a fighter with a good attitude and a solid support system. Yolanda will be just fine.

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