The 'Full House' Guide To Surviving Christmas In An Airport In 7 Easy Steps

Over the show's eight seasons, there have been tons of holiday-themed Full House episodes, and most of them have ended in a big lesson, like how the true meaning of Christmas is being with the ones you love, or that hugging your dad makes everything better. But, in one of my favorite Christmas TV episodes, Full House's "Our Very First Christmas Show," the lesson to be learned is even more important: Don't ever, under any circumstances, get stuck in an airport overnight with your family on Christmas Eve. Unless, of course, you learn from Full House how to survive being stuck in an airport.

Just as the Tanners love each other, I love my family, but fewer things bring out the cranky in people faster than being trapped in baggage claim thanks to a flight cancellation, even when it's not the holiday season. Fortunately, though, we can learn from the Tanners' mistakes, so, if this ever happens to you in the future, you're totally covered.

Here are seven steps to surviving an airport at Christmas, should you ever have the misfortune of experience such a situation. (Although to be safe, maybe don't book a flight on Christmas Eve... or at least check the weather first.)

1. Come Prepared

I know sometimes it's more convenient to travel light, but, in the event of your flight getting canceled, there's a good chance your luggage will get lost. Maybe skip the third pair of shoes in your carry-on to save space for stuff you actually need, like a small blanket or at least one of those inflatable neck pillows. You'll thank me later when you're trying to get comfortable in a chair for a long, crappy sleep.

2. Don't Check Your Gifts

The girls' gifts almost got lost forever because of the flight delay, and do you really want that to happen to you? Christmas presents are expensive! If you're traveling far from home for the holidays, consider sending your presents via mail ahead of time. And if you want to pack them and bring them with you? At least zip up your suitcase and put a lock on it. D.J. almost had to live without her CD player.

3. Find A Comfy Place To Camp Out

The baggage conveyor belt, the floor... these are terrible places. A chair next to an outlet for easy iPhone charging? Ideal.

4. Bring Plenty Of Entertainment

Or, you know, prepare to make friends. Except maybe not with grumpy toupee guy.

5. Have An Emotional Speech Prepared

Like Uncle Jesse's, where he said the coat rack was actually a Christmas tree, if you use your imagination. (Unfortunately, I don't think I've seen a coat rack in an airport in, like, 15 years.) Be ready to give the people you're traveling with a pep talk if they get too down. If all else fails, find an open Starbucks in a nearby gate, and toast to Christmas with a Peppermint Mocha in a cheerful red cup.

6. Maybe Stick Some Mistletoe In Your Carry On

You never know what magic could happen on Christmas morning, guys. Have mercy!

7. And, Finally, Have An Adorable Dog To Come Home To

He may or may not be named Comet, but any puppy is a good puppy when you've been stuck at an airport. Happy traveling!

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