Tom Ford's Drake Lippie Is Already On eBay

If you're reading this it's too late to get your hands on the hottest makeup product of the season, because Tom Ford's Drake lipstick is sold out. There was a clear winner among the designer's blockbuster lippie range, and after selling out in just minutes, it'll be rather difficult to get your hands on this rapper-inspired shade (unless it is re-stocked, that is). The Drake lipstick is selling for over $200 on eBay, so if you're hotline needs some deep-plum hued bling, then it'll most definitely cost you.

When Ford decided to create the Lips & Boys 50-piece set, people went a bit nuts, despite the hefty price tag of $1,950. The Drake shade undoubtedly caused the most frenzy, and the whole makeup-loving community said YOLO and decided to snag them all at once. The lipstick was originally sold for $52, meaning that the price has quadrupled now that it's deemed rare. The cheapest that you can buy the shade for on eBay is $80 and the highest listing is for $225. I guess now that the rapper has been nominated for a Grammy, people are really starting to take notice of everything Drake.

Unlike Kylie Jenner Lip Kit, which is selling for up to $950 on eBay, TF's Drake shade won't necessarily be re-stocked before the holidays, although Net-A-Porter notes that you can still add it to your wish list and claims there is "more stock coming soon," according to Elle. *Crying face emoji.* That means that there will be a lot of beauty lovers who are disappointed that Santa didn't have the hookup. Or maybe he's the one who bought them all?

Drake has other ideas as to why his lip color sold out so fast. He posted a picture to Instagram with the caption, "My mom bought all of them. Hey Ma." Make's complete sense to me!

I only have one thing to say about this — "Can't deny that I want you, but I'll lie if I have to."

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