Jared Leto Uses 2014 SAG Supporting Actor Win to Make Up for Golden Globes Speech

In one of the night's few predictable categories, Jared Leto won the 2014 SAG Award for Outstanding Male Actor in a Supporting Role for his part as an AIDS-plagued transgender woman, Rayon, in Dallas Buyers Club. And, even more predictably, he used his stage time to try and make up for his offensive Golden Globes acceptance speech.

Just one week ago, many criticized Leto's Globes speech, in which he talked about his "tiny little Brazilian bubble butt" and having to wax his body for the role. His comments, many said, turned his transgender role in the AIDS-centric film, Dallas Buyers Club, into a joke.

This time, when Leto took the stage, he sounded much more rehearsed giving thanks, addressing the crowd before saluting those he previously forgot to mention in his Globes speech: AIDS victims like Rayon.

It was a beautiful thank you, but would've meant much more if it didn't seem like damage control for his previous mistake. Hopefully, if Leto wins the Oscar — something that is seeming more and more likely — he'll thank the people who most deserve it, and do so a little more sincerely. Next time, maybe we'll see an earnest, emotional, appreciative thank you, with nary a joke in sight.