Over Half A Million LGBT Members Joined Match This Year, And More 2015 Trends On The Dating Site

One of the best parts about the close of yet another year are the year-end recaps. We get to look at the good, the bad, the ugly, and the stuff that we won’t be forgetting anytime soon, no matter how hard we try. Jumping in on the action of year-end compilations is Match's trendiest topics of the 2015 — basically, the most popular professions, interests, and what people write in their messages on Match.

Match looked over all their data from the past year to see exactly what their members were most likely to talk about or discuss with each other, while doing the whole online “getting to know you,” dance via messages. From the gathered information, Match was able to narrow down the top celebrities who got the most mentions, the TV shows that seem to be watched the most, how often certain foods were brought up, and even the two most dateable profiles of ALL the profiles on Match, among a bunch of other random topics. It’s an interesting list of insights that makes you realize that in getting to know someone in the online dating world, not many topics are left out.

So what did Match’s members talk about most in 2015? Here are some of the trendiest topics, according to research by Match.

1. ‘Swag’ Is The Trendiest Word

In proving that the end of the world is inevitable, “swag” was the most used word by Match members. Because apparently they all have so much “swag,” that they want to keep talking about their “swag.” According to the data, “swag” was mentioned 3.8K times. Not far behind at 2.2K and 1.6K are “bae,” and “Netflix and chill,” respectively.

2. People Prefer To Talk About Sushi As Opposed To Kale

When it came to the most popular food, sushi was the one that was mentioned the most, followed by tacos. Also on the list, in descending order, was Ramen (say, what?!), bacon, donuts, mac and cheese, and lastly, kale. Please note that pizza didn’t even make the list, which is rather off-putting, in my humble opinion.

3. Drake Is More Popular Than Taylor Swift

According to Match’s data, Drake is a favorite and the most mentioned celebrity, although in which context, it doesn’t say. So we don’t know if people are saying they like his music, they can dance like him, or that their Drake tattoo is the coolest thing coming down the road.

Second in line to Drake in mentions is Taylor Swift, followed by Beyoncé. Rounding out the top five celebrities are the Kardashians and Brad Pitt, in fourth and fifth place. It seems rather random that Brad Pitt would be in that group, but I’m just going to assume (hope) that it’s because a large percentage of the guys claim to have been mistaken for being Pitt on a regular basis, because that would be funny.

4. There Are A Lot Of Male Members Named Donald On Match

Because what’s a year-end compilation without some mention of politics, Match found that 10x more people named Donald became members this year than people named Hillary. I’m not sure what this means exactly, because Hillary sounds like a better name to me, but we all know which way I vote at this point, so I'll put away my soapbox.

5. Pretty Much Everyone Is Into Game of Thrones

Although we don’t really need Match to tell us that Game of Thrones was the most popular TV show of 2015, they did confirm what we already knew. Other TV shows that were mentioned a lot, but still not as much as Game of Thrones, were The Walking Dead, Empire, Scandal, and The Big Bang Theory.

6. New Yorkers Want Babies More Than Any Other City

OMFG. What?! Do my eyes deceive me!?

Yes, it’s true! At least according to Match! Based on their data from 2015, the #1 city that wants kids is New York, New York – the city so nice they named it twice! Since dating in New York is often on par with Dante's Inferno, I know every New Yorker is currently having their mind blown, but that’s what Match found!

7. "Transgender" Was The Most Mentioned News Topic

Between Caitlyn Jenner and the greater attention that was brought to the trans community, it only makes sense that the word “transgender” would be mentioned the most. Also, rounding out the top three “hot” news topics are “Donald Trump” and “marijuana.”

8. More Brunettes Than Blondes Joined In 2015

In other random data found by Match, two times more brunettes than blondes became members this past year. As for how may red heads, or people with pink or blue hair who joined, we don’t have any information on that, unfortunately.

9. Half A Million LGBT Members Joined This Past Year

In some really exciting news for the LGBT community, over 500K members joined Match in 2015. The top three cities for where these people live are Memphis, Jackson, MS, and Columbia, SC. When it came to top cities for LGBT dating, San Francisco came in first for guys and New Orleans came in first for gals.

10. If You Want To Date A Lawyer, Move To D.C.

According to the data, the city where the most people date lawyers is Washington D.C. – probably because we all know those politicians need all the law advice they can get. When it comes to the city where those who date doctors comes out on top, that would be Durham, North Carolina. So, yeah, if you’re looking to date someone in either one of those professions you should probably make moving a top priority in 2016.

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