Are Lady Gaga & Matt Bomer Dead On 'AHS: Hotel'? Liz Taylor & Iris Came In With Guns Blazing

Well, the end of Wednesday's episode of American Horror Story: Hotel was a seriously insane one. First we got to witness Donovan having a moment of pure, rhythmic nirvana while dancing alone to "Hotline Bling," then we saw The Countess actually forgive him for killing Rudolph and we finished it off with Iris and Liz Taylor busting into the room with guns blazing to the same tune playing loudly and proudly. "Hotline Bling" will never be the same for American Horror Story fans, of this I am sure. Since the episode ended without any look at them, are the Countess and Donovan really dead on AHS: Hotel? They were the only two people on the receiving end of Liz and Iris' epic entrance, and they surely meant business.

After we witnessed the killing of the Countess' true love Rudolph Valentino by Donovan, Elizabeth came back to the hotel room with the sole purpose of killing him. Surprisingly, Donovan the smooth talker managed to get her into the forgiving mood by telling her that he was waiting for her to return to kill him because he will do absolutely anything to make her love him. How... sweet? Well, it worked for the Countess because she was swooning and in full forgiveness mode when Iris and Liz burst through the door and started shooting up the place like complete badasses.

Viewers knew there was a plan brewing earlier in the episode when Liz Taylor had a heart to heart with Iris about their roles in the hotel. Liz epically monologued that they needed to be the ones to "inherit the earth" and "take over this damn hotel." All of this while Iris loaded a handful of guns. Liz went on to declare, "We are entitled to a second chance. A glorious, blazing final act. My friend, the best is yet to come." Did anyone else not see the "glorious, blazing final act" coming so damn soon? It was pretty shocking. I suppose we have to wait until January 6 to find out who survived it. It doesn't look good for Donovan or The Countess, though, and we've seen from Tristan's death that it doesn't look like vampires can become ghosts. This may have truly been the end of the hotel's most murderous pair.

Images: Prashant Gupta / FX Networks