Donovan Kills Valentino On 'AHS: Hotel' With A Ton Of Sass

Man, Finn Wittrock has had a tough season on American Horror Story: Hotel. So far we have watched him die twice. That's two too many for me. We all mourned the loss of Tristan earlier in the season when the Countess coldly murdered him in front of the love of his life, Liz Taylor. No one expected to get another dose of Finn, so imagine my delight when he showed up a few episodes ago as legendary 1920s film actor, Rudolph Valentino. Well, Wednesday on AHS: Hotel, Donovan went ahead and killed Rudolph Valentino. Thus ending our Finn Wittrock fix. (I doubt he'd come back a third time.)

Donovan creeped slyly into Rudolph's hotel room and I immediately knew that someone wasn't going to walk back out. The scene was actually pretty hilarious because the two of them argued over the Countess like school children until Rudolph had enough and pulled out a giant sword, as people often do during serious arguments. I was waiting for a messy battle but Donovan simply pulled out a gun and shot Rudolph between the eyes before he could blink. He made his jealousy more than clear when he looked down at Rudolph and said, "She's going to miss that pretty face of yours," before continuously shooting him over and over in said face. Then he finished the scene on a super grown up note by declaring that he has better cheekbones, anyways. Alright, Donovan. We get it. You are a scorned man (although, Rudolph was a stone cold fox).

Well, fans finally completely bid farewell to Wittrock and got to see just how obsessed Donovan actually is with the Countess. Lucky for him, she seems to be on his level. Intertwined between the Rudolph slaying was a scene of Elizabeth ending an argument with Rudolph's original lady, Natacha by shooting her in the head as well. What do these two have up their sleeves? With all of the backstabbing and revenge plots, I am thinking a lot of bloodshed is on its way. But that's just how I love my American Horror Story! #NeverChange

Images: Prashant Gupta/FX