Margaret Cho Officially Joins 'Fashion Police'

by Jessica Thomas

Fashion Police has been going through a major rough patch over the past year and a half, but the popular E! show might be hitting its stride again. After a series of rotating celebrity co-hosts throughout the fall, it looks like the show is finally nailing down a fourth co-host. Today, it was announced Margaret Cho will be joining Fashion Police as a special co-host for the 2016 awards season.

Cho joins full-time co-hosts Melissa Rivers, Giuliana Rancic, and Brad Goreski, who are the permanent hosts of the show. The show returned after a long hiatus in August, and Cho has co-hosted multiple episodes since then. According to Radar Online, Cho is a fan favorite who's been bringing ratings and viewers to the show all fall. After an alleged contract dispute, she's officially on board to co-host for the 2016 awards season. So what exactly does that entail?

Cho will join the other three co-hosts for post-awards episodes, starting with the Golden Globes — the first show airs Jan. 11. After that, Cho will co-host post-Oscars, Emmys, and Grammys episodes. I for one am glad another comedian will be joining the show, especially after Kathy Griffin's abrupt departure.

Imeh Akpanudosen/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

According to a statement from Cho, she's also super excited.

"I love joining the crew of Fashion Police," Cho said. "To me it feels like family. although I am not quite a fashionista, I would love to look at it like I am changing it up — Fashion Police: Special Victims Unit. It makes me happiest to spend time with Melissa, and when I see her laugh at my joke, I feel like Joan [Rivers] is smiling, somewhere."

So sweet, right? Cho is (self-admittedly) not much of a fashionista, but I think that could bring a really fun angle to the show. Here's some of the other things I think Cho will add.

1. Her own (slightly) kooky fashion choices

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Cho has played it safe so far as Fashion Police co-host, but I like to thing she'll mix up her wardrobe the more she appears on the show.

2. Total tattoo acceptance

Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Tattoos are all over Hollywood, but not all actresses and actors show them off confidently. Cho has quite a few herself, and I love that she's bringing that to a mainstream show.

3. Some jumpsuit appearances

Cho designed an adorable black jumpsuit for Betabrand, and I for one hope she wears it on the show at least once.

4. Some levity about women in Hollywood

Cho may be joining a show focused on fashion, but don't expect her to avoid topics important to her, like feminism. She released this Funny or Die video last summer, and I hope she brings some of that sass to Fashion Police.

5. Edgy humor

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Part of Cho's charm is her edge, and I hope she brings up slightly controversial topics as co-host of the show. She just signed a deal with Netflix to produce and star in a weed-focused dramedy called Highland, so my hopes are high.

I kind of love the choice of Margaret Cho for the new Fashion Police co-host, and I can't wait to watch her first episode.

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