15 Gorgeous Gifts For Clean Freaks

Most people know a clean freak; they're the ones who can't go to bed without doing the dishes, they can't let crumbs lie, and they probably prefer a night in cleaning the oven than a night out. So it's good to know about awesome gift ideas for clean freaks.

In fact, you may be the Monica Geller of your friendship group, which means you can pass on this gift list to all of your nearest and dearest and cross your fingers that they'll pick up on the clean freak vibes. Whether it's you or your loved one who's obsessed with cleaning, it can be difficult bearing the clean freak label, because super clean folks are often misunderstood and neat freaks could be controlling. If you're concerned about your cleaning habits or a loved one's cleaning rituals, it may be worth discovering if it's obsessive compulsive disorder and nipping it in the bud before it gets worse.

Luckily, though, it's far more than likely that you (or your pal) just love to clean and if that's the case, look on the bright side – cleaning is probably one of the best hobbies to have! So here's a selection of great gifts for the clean freak in your life.

1. The All-Purpose Cleaner

Clean Freak: All Purpose Cleaner, $15, Etsy

It may seem a bit unusual to gift someone an all purpose cleaner, but when they find out it won't leave a harsh chemical smell and comes in scents like lavender + vanilla and "Christmas Tree," this could end up being their new favorite cleaning product.

2. The Colorful Hand Broom

Sunrise Hand Broom, $28, Anthropologie

This quirky, colorful brush is made of bamboo and wild sugar cane grass and it will help you get into all of those nooks and crannies.

3. The Sausage Dog Apron

Sausage Dog PVC Adjustable Apron, $36, Cath Kidston

This adorable apron featuring a sausage dog print will help your friend look stylish while keeping their clothes clean.

4. The Spotless Home Book

A Spotless Home: Change Your Life With Time-Saving Tidying Tips & Cleaning Cheats By Bridget Bodoano, $5, Amazon

Your friend will love you forever when you give them this book, which is sure to become their cleaning bible.

5. The Spring Cleaning Checklist

Modern One Page Spring Cleaning Checklist, $3, Etsy

Chances are, if you're loved one is a clean freak, they're probably going to love making lists too. So gift them a spring cleaning checklist to tick all of their boxes.

6. The Fancy Feather Duster

Ostrich Feather Duster, $58 – $68, Anthropologie

A functional feather duster which doubles up as a decadent piece of art? This is the stuff a clean freak's dreams are made of.

7. The Mason Jar With A Straw

Ribbed Mason Jar With Straw, $8, Urban Outfitters

What good is a mason jar accompanied with a screw top and a straw, you ask? Does zero drips mean anything to you my friend? Plus there's also probably way less chance of any liquid escaping if these babies get knocked over.

8. The Crystal Coasters

Have A Gneiss Day Coaster Set In Magenta, $49.99, Modcloth

If you're looking to get your clean freak companion something a little more fancy, these stunning pink agate coasters will set their heart aflutter.

9. The Whimsical Woodland Animal Table Brush

Hedgehog Table Brush, $28, Anthropologie

This sweet hedgehog table brush is a great choice for a clean freak pal who has a quirky style.

10. The Cutesy Critter Pocket Tissues

Squirrels Pocket Tissues, $2, Cath Kidston

Arm your friend against germs or spills at anytime with these cute pocket tissues.

11. The Makeup Lover's Must Have

Sigma Spa Express Brush Cleaning Mat, $25, Amazon

This ingenious tool helps you to clean all of your makeup brushes — it's a great gift for makeup loving clean freaks.

12. The Yoga Mat Spray

Manduka Yoga Mat Spray, $12, Amazon

Have you ever wondered how to clean your yoga mat? I bet your clean freak pal has! This spray helps to disinfect your yoga mat, so clean freaks can find inner peace instead of worrying about all of the germs on their mat.

13. The Housekeeper's Box

Personalised English Heritage Housekeepers Box Set, $66, Not On The High Street

Help your neat and tidy pal keep all of their cleaning products and accessories organized inside a personalized housekeeper's box with their name on it.

14. The Comedic Dishtowels

You Cook, I'll Clean Dishtowels, $42, Anthropologie

These cheeky dishtowels make a great gift for your spick and span chum, or for yourself!

15. The Dishwasher Sign

Clean Dirty Dishwasher Magnet Sign, $10, Etsy

There's something weirdly frustrating about opening the dishwasher and having to rummage through to see if your pots are clean or dirty. This handy sign takes the guesswork out of it and marks the dishwasher as "Clean" or "Dirty."

Your clean freak pal will be whistling while they work with these gorgeous gifts!

Images: Courtesy Brands